Monday, May 25, 2015

SFS - May '15

Previous: $60.10
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Next Month: $85.10So I didn't do too much stitching this month. Started my new job and have been busy with that for a week now. It's been interesting falling into a new routine and I think Roxy is still a little confused when I leave in the morning.

I did make some progress on Glaceon but I'll set that project aside and work on 12 days next month.
 Still have the tail to finish, the right design so it's pointing downward like the others, and the light blue accents on the front leg.

Played a lot of Diablo III with hubby and friends and kinda lost my stitching bug for a bit since I didn't feel like working on anything.

Also, went to Comic Con up in Denver yesterday and had a blast! Met Randal Spangler (not at Con but at the Art festival going on not to far from Con), Karen Hallion, Nei Ruffino and Jewel Staite!

Randal asked me about how the cross-stitching projects of his artwork work out as he said he thought it was really cool to see people create projects from his artwork. Love his little green dragons! ^_^ Such vibrant artwork too.

 Karen and Nei are 2 artists that I have followed on dA for a few years now and I love their artwork! They were both really nice. Karen has some of her artwork on T-shirts but didn't have any for sale at Con. I did get a print of one of her Princess Leia drawings. Thomas helped me pick it out and it was between the Princess Leia print or the one with Toothless. She had lots of fun prints to chose from though so it was fun going through them and picking out one with Thomas.

Getting to meet Jewel was probably my most fangirl moment though simply because I love Firefly. I hope that we can go next year and that she will be there again so I can get her autograph. There were lots of interesting costumes as well so it was fun just people watching since we didn't go to too many panels. The one we did go to wasn't all that great, and there were others that we would have liked to have seen but they were either earlier in the day or were on Sat or Monday and we weren't going to be there for more than 1 day. We'll see what happens next year.

Well, until next month everyone,

Happy Stitching! ^_^