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2013 Year Review & 2014 'To Do' List...

I thought I would post a 'year end' review of all the projects I've done in 2013. 

2 kitchen/bathroom towels:

Towel 1:  Beach Theme

This one I gave to my mother-in-law for Christmas this year.  It was the second towel pattern I bought but the first one I actually finished.  She loved it and my father-in-law actually asked me where I bought it then was impressed when he was informed I had done it myself.  The colors actually look a lot better in person (they are a bight brighter) but this pictures still does it justice.  Obviously it is before I ironed out everything. :)  She is going to use it in her guest bathroom as it is beach themed (when not decorated for Christmas)

Towel 2: Apple & Grape Theme

This one I did for my sister-in-law, Sarah, as a house warming gift for her and my brother Jason's new apartment.  She loves the color red, and while I could have changed the colors in the apples from yellow to red I didn't know that till after I had already…

New Blog! :)

So I figured I would use this blog to post WIPs of current projects and pretty much anything else I can think of. 

I am hoping that doing this will help keep me up with my WIPs and self-imposed deadlines.  I hope that this will be a good place to do it and you all can keep me honest. :)  Or at least bug me to post updates.