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WIPcolypse, IHSW & SFS!

So.....I've been pretty bad about doing my posts when I was supposed to this month so you get one huge update!  Sorry folks. I'll do my end of the month update at the beginning of next month (like I normally do) so this post won't be as bad as it could have been. ;)

First up WIPocolypse:

The topic for this month was: Show us your favorite place to stitch.  Well, that depends on where I am.  If I'm at my parent's it's upstairs in my room, although I don't typically get to stitch there as my Mom wants my to be 'social' so I set up either in the family room couch (and take over the entire coffee table and half the couch) or the kitchen table. But I don't have pictures of those places.

When I'm at home it's in the living room stretched out on my couch.  I have my coffee table full of stitching stuff and my puppy (4 year old Blue healer mix Roxy) is usually curled up at my feet on the couch as well.  I say usually because there are times when…

Feb update

So I know I've posted a lot these past couple of days with IHSW, SFS, & WIPocalypse updates but I promised myself I would do a end of the month update for each project. If only so I could see my progress from month to month. :)

Well.....I think I'm going to have this finished by the end of the month.  At least the stitching part.  Then it's just waiting till Emma's birth to do the rest.

So I did about 5,749 stitches this month and I had about 5 days that I back-stitched and only 2 of those days were just back-stitching and no added stitches for my stitch count.

Out of the 28 days in February I only missed 2 days of stitching which is much better than the 4 I missed last month.  So between the two months I've done about 7,857 stitches which averages out to be about 196 stitches/day.

So onto the pictures! ^_^


 Page 1 of the pattern completely finished (including back-stitch or railing …