WIPcolypse, IHSW & SFS!

So.....I've been pretty bad about doing my posts when I was supposed to this month so you get one huge update!  Sorry folks. I'll do my end of the month update at the beginning of next month (like I normally do) so this post won't be as bad as it could have been. ;)

First up WIPocolypse:

The topic for this month was: Show us your favorite place to stitch.  Well, that depends on where I am.  If I'm at my parent's it's upstairs in my room, although I don't typically get to stitch there as my Mom wants my to be 'social' so I set up either in the family room couch (and take over the entire coffee table and half the couch) or the kitchen table. But I don't have pictures of those places.

When I'm at home it's in the living room stretched out on my couch.  I have my coffee table full of stitching stuff and my puppy (4 year old Blue healer mix Roxy) is usually curled up at my feet on the couch as well.  I say usually because there are times when she will decide that I need to pay attention to her and get up to move ever so slowly into my lap and demand attention by getting up into my face - which my IHSW girls have seen a few times.

I can also have the TV going with either random TV shows or a movie since I like to stitch and have something going on in the background to watch.  I've never been able to focus without background noise of some sort much to my Mom and Dad's confusion.

So that's my current set up.  I took the lamp-shade off the lamp behind 'my spot' of the couch so I could have better light.

One of these day's I'd like to have a set up like Carla's NCC (Nerd Central Command) but right now it's kinda difficult.

I have several different ideas on how I would want my 'ultimate craft room' set up - but then again I also want a library so...I may have to compromise on something. Or just combine the two ;)


Next up: IHSW Update!

Well it was a lot of fun and I managed to get a 'small' project done.  I say small because it ended up taking longer that I had hoped. I also worked on Emma's announcement.

So this 'small' project was a baby bib for Emma.  I was hoping to have had it finished the weekend before (15th) as that was the date of the baby shower, but alas it was not to be.  So instead of giving it to her at the shower (I had finished one bib several months prior) I decided to wait and I will give it to her when Emma is born.

So the sun bib was the one that I finished during IHSW.  The butterfly one I had finished oh....last year.  I had bought them thinking I would give them to friends for when they had kids or keep them for myself.  But......yeah.  So to Emma they go! ^_^ It's good because butterflies are Sarah's favorite and the sun is just too cute!

Hand washed them without any issues so they are ready to be wrapped and taken to my Mom's so I don't forget them.  The main reason I even worked on these was because Stitching Pirates on DA is having a contest (theme: celebration) and I decided to enter them.  These bibs have renewed my 'love/hate' relationship with stamped cross-stitch. The fabric was a pain too because I didn't have 'holes' in it to make my stitches and the quilted fabric meant that some of the stamp was stretched so the stitches aren't the same size.  But, I don't think the baby is going to care. :)  Also, I cheated on the french knots eyes on the sun and butterfly. I hate french knots as I can never get them to come out correctly.  These used 6 strands of floss so I just made a knot, cut off the tail and threaded it through the fabric the other way. Cheating - yes, but 100xs easier and I couldn't just use beads like I normally do because...well....baby.


And last, but not least, SFS!

My total - $0!  The bibs I had bought a year or so ago and they just sat in my stash drawer.  Mostly because I had run out of green thread for the butterfly and I hadn't gotten around to e-mailing Dimensions for more.  Found out that the colors for the green (and purple since I ran out of that too during the sun bib) are the same colors as I use in my announcement kit.  So I just....'borrowed' some thread from that. ;)

I still worked on my announcement some, just not exclusively.  So my goal of having the border done was not accomplished.  That's okay though, I have no more projects to interrupt my stitching of the announcement.  I do have to start getting things ready to move though. Which means going through all everything Thomas and I have gotten and either pitching it, donating it, keeping/storing it, or giving it to the parental units to store.  Some of the furniture came from my parents (computer desks, coffee table, etc) that we probably won't be taking with us when we move so back to my parent's garage it goes, much to my Dad's chagrin as he was looking forward to getting stuff OUT of the garage and that plan just keeps backfiring on him.

The rest of the big furniture will probably go in storage since we are going to be going from a 3 bedroom house to a (hopefully) 2 bedroom apartment for 6 months....and then who knows.

Oh well, it's an incentive to get rid of some stuff that we need to so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

Progress shot (as of the 26th) of how much I worked on it this month.  Not a lot but at least 7 out of 10 rows so that's good. ^_^  I tried to do a few stitches on it while I worked on the bib so I wouldn't have to count it towards my monthly budget.

I should have the orange section finished by the end of the month so this month won't have been a complete bust. haha

 Till next time!  Happy stitching everyone! 


  1. WOW! Those look so good together! It sounds like you are getting ready to be extremely busy for a bit, but we will still be here if and when you need us :D

    1. Oh I will be but I'm going to be trying my hardest to set time aside for hangouts. I think I'm going to need them. I just have NO motivation to go through all my stuff in my house. -__- It would be easier if I had someone to help me - and I don't mean Thomas because getting him to do anything around the house is like pulling teeth. *sigh* men! I need to just sit down and go through it room by room. Which is the only way I'm going to bring myself to do this stupid task. I can box up a few things now that I know we are going to store - VHS player & tapes, pictures, good china, things like that. I will store some of it (like the china) at my parents in my old room. Which ironically is where a lot of things of my parent's are getting stored since it and with Jason's, are the 2 biggest out of the 4 kids rooms and Jason's room is being used as storage as well.

      Oh well. As much as I hate moving it is a good excuse to purge things.

  2. What a long, long, fun-to-read post :) The bibs are really cute, I'm always a little hesitant to stitch something like that because I'm afraid they'll get dirty in no time than the stitching will fade and so much work for so little time.

    Moving sure sounds like a lot of stress...I'm going and sorting through all my stuff as well at the moment for when I (hopefully) move with Felix later this year, so I kinda feel with you :/

    1. I'm sure the bibs will get messy but I've washed them both already once (hand-wash though) and the colors didn't fade/run so they should be good to go for when Emma arrives. And if they don't last forever it's not big deal. I just wanted to make something a little practical for her. :)


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