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I swear I'm going to plan to get better about actually posting these things when I'm supposed to!

WIPocalypse question:

Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher? Um....well...neither really. I stitch a lot of gifts that I happen to give out for Christmas just because I normally have them finished around that time but I haven't really stitch much that's 'Christmasy'. The exception to this, at least for this year, being Miss Emma's stocking. 


Well, as always it was a lot of fun to get to see my wonderful crafty ladies. ^_^ I got soooo close to finishing Emma's stocking.  I managed to get the bottom of the stocking started before and worked on getting the absolute bottom outline done before I got off for the day.  My goal was to have it finished on Sunday (because I set unrealistic goals for myself all the time) but I didn't finish it till the 22nd.  It now needs to be washed/ironed and the interfacing put on the back.  Once that is done I will …