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SFS - April '15

Budget: $52.05
Earned: $4.00? (13h x 59w) 
Spent:  - $20.94
May Budget: ($35.10 + $25) = $60.10

First off, I'm not 100% sure about the 'Earned' credit amount. It's either $2 or $4 depending on what I go with. Just the stitch h & w is $2 but if I do the math shown under the rules (13+59)/2 = 36 and so that would be $4. So I went with $4 but if anyone knows for sure please let me know!

So what did I finish? My NCCIH logo. For those who don't know what NCCIH is it stands for "Nerd Central Command International Headquarters". Carla started it by calling her stitching/craft area "Nerd Central Command" and then we decided that since our stitching hangout gals were from all over the world (Canada, Alaska, Germany, Netherlands, Arizona and Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado) we should have our areas the "NCC International Headquarters". So, I created the pattern last year but had yet to stitch it up. I chose 'spring' themed colors with DMC&…