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SFS - March '15

Month: March
Spent: $0
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Total for next month: $52.05

Well, I honestly didn't do a lot of stitching this least not towards the end of it.

Thomas and I started playing Diablo 3 again so we've gotten back into that since they added some new content and stuff with the latest patch. I'm loving my new fire wizard build! Previous build was a cold wizard but they lowered the effectiveness of my main skill for that build so I changed it.

As Thomas and Dean put it (one of Thomas's army friends that we play with sometimes) it's like calling for artillery when I show up in the fight. Meteors, fire hydras (dragons), and fire tornadoes go everywhere! ^_^ No....I'm not a pyro I swear >.>  Okay, I admit I it....I might, definatly, have a problem when it comes to playing my fire wizard but she's just sooo much fun and kicks all the demon's butts so easily! *cough*

Right....stitching stuff!

So I also got a nice squishy from Carla to include severa…