SFS - March '15

Month: March
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Total for next month: $52.05

Well, I honestly didn't do a lot of stitching this month...at least not towards the end of it.

Thomas and I started playing Diablo 3 again so we've gotten back into that since they added some new content and stuff with the latest patch. I'm loving my new fire wizard build! Previous build was a cold wizard but they lowered the effectiveness of my main skill for that build so I changed it.

As Thomas and Dean put it (one of Thomas's army friends that we play with sometimes) it's like calling for artillery when I show up in the fight. Meteors, fire hydras (dragons), and fire tornadoes go everywhere! ^_^ No....I'm not a pyro I swear >.>  Okay, I admit I it....I might, definatly, have a problem when it comes to playing my fire wizard but she's just sooo much fun and kicks all the demon's butts so easily! *cough*

Right....stitching stuff!

So I also got a nice squishy from Carla to include several bags of pretty beads, patterns, memory thread, and a DRAGON! needle-minder ^_^ She's so pretty, all purple and gold! So now my dragon guards my needle when I'm not using it.

As far as my progress, I finished Umbreon and got all the brown done on Leafeon. Still have to finish his green parts though. Didn't do day 3 on '12 days' so I'll do Day 3 & 4 next month.

We also went up to Vail, CO to visit my Uncle Tom and to check out his new restaurant's location. We were there from Friday to Sunday during Thomas's 4 day weekend.  The restaurant is called Blu's which used to be located in Vail Village but is now located in East Vail at the Racquet Club. And while I might be biased because I'm related to the owner, I suggest checking it out if you are ever in the area. GREAT food and a good wine selection if that's your thing. Uncle Tom is the wine guru in the family so he always has a good selection and it's fun to see what he gets for the table when we eat out.

Uncle Tom also lives in a house with....oh......3 other dogs; Buddy (or Bud) - I don't remember how old or what kinda dog he is but he has the most amazing golden brown eyes!, Ginger - a 14 year-old golden and just an absolute sweetheart, and Sierra - a lab (I think) don't know how old she is who is diabetic and blind. Also a sweetie even if she does bark a lot. Which is understandable since she...well....can't see. Roxy went with us since we were going to be staying at his place and Thomas and I both were a little worried since she doesn't really get along too well with Kirby and Lilly but man were we wrong!

Tom lives on....oh...about 1 acre of land, in Eagle CO, and while the front yard is completely fenced in, the back isn't. Not that we had to worry about Roxy wandering off too much since she doesn't like to leave our sides for too long. But really, she got along great with the other dogs and LOVED going on the walks with all of them. We would go out back and wander up into the field behind the house, letting the dogs do their doggy thing as they run around stiffing and chasing animals. Roxy would run ahead of us, stop, look back to make sure we were still walking up the trails, occasionally run back to us for pets and reassurance, then run off to explore some more.

Tom's girlfriend (?), Sue, brought her dog, an Australian Sheppard, when she came up on Saturday so we had 5 dogs! It was all fun though and Roxy just seemed to have a blast there. As Uncle Tom put is, she learned from the other dogs how to 'be a dog'. Haha. Still couldn't get her to use the doggy door they have in the front door, but that's okay as Ginger didn't like to use it much either.

Tom had to work Friday evening (and then be up to work the AM shift Sat morning for breakfast) so we were on out own for dinner and exploring Friday after Tom left. We checked out one of the local breweries (because, why not?) and I kid you not, they had Angry Orchard on tap!!! I'm not a beer gal but I love hard ciders and when I saw that I knew what I was getting to drink. :) Thomas got one of the house beers and we drank while enjoying the nice weather and chatting with the bartender. Got a recommendation for dinner (which was amazing even if I don't remember the name of the place right now) before we headed back to Tom's to crash.

So Saturday rolls around and Sue, Thomas, and I all drive down to East Vail together to meet up with Tom (who had to go back to work) for dinner.

Under the recommendation of my Uncle, because hey, it's his restaurant and he would know what's good or not, I got the green chili chicken fried steak. I was already looking at it because I love green chili anything (good old Texas girl I guess ;) but when he recommended it, that sealed it fro me. It's served on a bead of mashed potatoes and corn smothered in yummy green chili. Not your 'typical' chicken fried steak.

Thomas got the seafood linguine and it was also amazing! Honestly, I've never had a bad meal there, and I've got to Blu's every time I've visited my Uncle. We also got the calimari and the grilled brie brioche (Tom's suggestion/order) for appetizers. OMG the brioche! First off, I l-o-v-e brie, so I already figured it would be good but the lingonberry preserve that they serve on top (not that I have a CLUE what a lingonberry is mind you) just added that little extra....oomph, to the dish. The mixed greens they serve it on is really good too. So I would recommend that as an appetizer for those who go. I mean, who doesn't like grilled cheese?!?

And for dessert get the apple strudel!! Yumm-o! Don't forget the ice cream, that's a must with apple strudel in my book.

I told my Uncle I wanted to raid his chef's recipes and he just chuckled which means I don't think I'm going to be getting any of them anytime soon. And here I thought being related the owner had more perks that just a free meal now and then but I guess not. ;)

When we left Sunday, we stopped in for breakfast because Tom said they had really good beakfast and well, we were hungry and were going to stop anyway so why the hell not!

If you go for breakfast get the green chili hash-brown casserole thing. It's AMAZING!!! Seriously, that green chili - to die for! Uncle Tom recommended it and Thomas got it and I was wishing I had ordered it after I tried it. Yummy crispy hash-browns, tasty pork green chili, and you get 2 eggs on top cooked any way you want them.

I got the 'Joe's special' : ground sirloin, onion, spinach and asiago cheese yum!, scrambled together with eggs and served with toast. Which, don't get me wrong, was also amazing, but I liked the green chili hash-browns more.

So, amazing food while we were out and about, not much stitching, but lots of fun this month. ^_^

Now for pictures!

First up, Carla's squishy! Beads all sorted by color and placed in the draws to my wooden chest till I figure out a different storage solution  make up the first 4 pictures, with a group shot as the 5th. The last one is of the patterns (3 Paula Vaughn, a Sue Coleman - bear one, and butterfly faires) and memory thread.

I will have fun playing with that thread I'm sure! Carla remembered that I wanted to try it out and was all (playfully) upset that judges of the contests couldn't enter to win prizes when we gave away a bunch of the stuff. I also seem to have a hard time finding it at my local craft stores now. :( So she sent me some! ^_^ I have a few projects in mind already for it. Not pictured: dragon needle-minder (don't worry you'll see it later!)


Pictures of the drive up to Vail: First 2 & drive back: last 2. This drive is just a pretty drive. Lots of spots to stop and take scenic pictures if you want too. Have I mentioned how much I love living in Colorado now? No? Well I do! Seriously the views!!


How can you not love seeing views like that when you drive through a state? And then realize that this is your new home state and you can see these views any time you want to get in your car and drive somewhere! It's just amazing!! I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of it. :)


Next 2: Thomas, Bud & Ginger.

Bud likes to use people as pillows when they are on the floor next to him. He begs for pets that way....or bumping your arm with his nose. Thomas was trying to get Roxy to come over to him but she didn't want to go near the other 2 dogs.

Roxy had decided that she had had enough of watching her Daddy pay attention to the other dogs so she decided she was going to walk over to me and get pets from her Mommy while I was trying to get another picture of Thomas and the dogs. 


Last 2 photos: My progress on 'Tribal Pokemon' and Roxy deciding that she's had enough of Daddy playing Diablo without her! And look, there's the dragon I promised you'd see. Isn't she pretty? Purple body is hard to make in this picture so I'll have to take better one at a later date.

She had accidentally turned off my computer when she hit the power strip (she likes to lay down under my computer desk when I'm on it if she's not curled up in her purple bucket chair or up in the kitchen by her food bowl begging for more food. Well after she hit my power button and I realized that was why my entire computer shut down in the middle of the game I started laughing. I had started to laugh earlier because of something Dean & Thomas had said so Roxy had jumped up into my lap (front paws only), wagging her tail, which is how she hit the power button in the first place since she normally avoids it. Then when I told her to get down so I could turn my stuff back on she ran over to Thomas and jumped up all the way up into his lap! Well by this point I was laughing so hard I started to hurt and couldn't breath. We all had a good laugh and Roxy eventually got off Thomas and jumped up into her purple chair and we continued on with our game.


Also, I started watching Hallmark's 'The Good Witch' TV show (based on the previous made for TV movies with the same title) with a few of the cast from the movies returning for the show. Catherine Bell plays Casey Nightingale (the main female character in the movies & TV show) and since I liked her when she was in JAG, I was excited to see her in this new role. I like it so far but I have it set to record on by DVR because I tend to forget to watch it on Sat evenings. If you liked the movies check out the TV show. If you haven't seen the movies, I *think* you can catch it on Netflix....but I'm not 100% sure on that one.

 Anywhos, until next time everyone, happy stitching!! ^_^


  1. Looks like you had a grand time :D and a wonderful THUD too :D

    1. THUD?? *confused*

      But yes, I did have a fun time ^_^ I think Roxy liked being at Tom's more than we did. She had the biggest puppy grin on her face whenever we went outside.

  2. Holy moly! What a fantastic weekend you had!

    1. It was a great weekend! I love Vail, always have. I just normally see it in the summer time since that's the time we normally drove up to see my Uncle, so seeing it in the winter was a fun change.

      It's not the first time I saw it in the winter though. Thomas and I went skiing there about....3 years ago now. At that time Blu's was still in it's old location of Vail Village and the hotel we stayed at was about 3 or 4 doors down from it so we walked to the restaurant a lot to visit/grab a bite to eat.

  3. You had a lovely month plus zero spending
    Love your little dragon and your pokomon has amazing colours

    1. $0 spending makes me happy cause I know I'm staying on track. I really try not to purchase much if I don't need it which is why I don't have nearly the amount of stash some of my other friends have.

      I love my little dragon too. It's kinda of an inside joke between my stitching gals because really, I mean dragons are the answer to everything and anything ;) well.....that and chocolate....and coffee. :)

      I'm liking my Pokemon too. I was a little leery about some of my color choices in regards to the shades, but I think they've turned out nicely so far. We'll see how the rest turn out.

  4. What an amazing time the three of you had, I think that more than amkes up for the lack of stitching - and the food! I swear I had hadn't just eaten an hour ago I would be totally drooling now ^_^ Lingonberries, btw, are a pretty comon side dish (here at least) to either some cheese dishes (like baked camenbert) or venison.

    I love all the pretties you got from Carla. Isn't it fun to have a little stash to play with? Hoping for lots of stitching picture from you this month!

    1. We did have fun and I guess I'll have to be on the look out for lingonberries so I can make my own brie grilled cheese.

      It is fun and helps when I want to do small projects (like Magical's monthly fobs) to have beads on hand to dig through.

  5. Those pictures make me want to visit even more, Lingonberries seem pretty popular in my Dad's family who are all Swedish, can get them at some stores around here, and all sorts of Lingonberry stuff can be found at IKEA

    1. Cool ^_^ We have an IKEA here so I might have to check them out if I can't find it at the stores in the are.


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