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December Update & Christmas!! ^_^

Okay so I've been a little busy and so I forgot to do my updates.

SFS: I didn't spend any $$ because of moving and all so it was a busy month.

Got all the furniture in on Monday (the 22nd) and between James & Nicki (brother & sister-in-law), Tom & Marylee (in-laws) and Thomas and myself, we got a LOT of boxes unpacked and practically all the kitchen items put away.  There are still a lot of boxes (mostly clothes & bathroom stuff it looks like) up in Thomas & my room, my book shelf still needs to be set up, and my stitching stuff needs to be found & unpacked once I figure that out. 

The downstairs family room/'basement' is still to be set up since that is where all out computer/game systems are going but that will be worked on this weekend while I do the bedroom stuff. Who knows, we might even get to hang up a few of our pictures too.

As for Christmas, it was a blast. We did a secret santa exchange with Thomas's side of the family. I had Mary…

November Blog Update

Well....once again, I'm late.  Very late this time. 

But between moving and family obligations I think I get a pass ;)

Yes, moving! We're all packed up, things are on their way to Colorado, actually it's already there and in storage, apartment is cleaned and all keys are turned back into the complex, and we are in Kingwood till Dec 6th spending time with the family.

Thanksgiving was fun. Charlie, Sarah's father, was in town since he had a job interview on Wed. So it was Joseph, Jason, Sarah, Emma (who has gotten sooo  big! Hard to believe she's 5 months old already!!), Lindsey, Dad, Mom, Thomas, Charlie, and my self.  It was fun and chaotic, as always.

The next day was take down Christmas stuff and start decorating the house. Always a day of stress.  Mom and I did the banister, which as always was a fight to try and remember how we did it the year before, Dad and Joe put up the tree and lights. Then in the evening we decorated it with the ornaments while watching M…

Ornament making - Project #1 complete!

Okay so first of, I don't all. At least not very well So for me to make an ornament at all is kinda a big thing.  But I wanted to try something new and well....with the Stitching Pirate's Ornament Exchange, it's the perfect opportunity to try it out.

However, this ornament is NOT for that exchange! Well.....not any more. ;)  I was going to keep it for that but Thomas and I are going to a wedding this weekend and I had already talked to Jennifer (Thomas' cousin) and she said she would love an ornament when I asked.  I plan on making a few of these to give out as quick Christmas gifts, but didn't want to give them out to someone (non-immediate family member) who might now like/appreciate them so I asked first.

She was ecstatic that I would make something for her so I attempted to finish it before we left.  If we had gotten on an earlier flight I would have just finished it on the plane or while we were waiting for a connecting flight, but there wa…

October's Posts

I swear I'm going to plan to get better about actually posting these things when I'm supposed to!

WIPocalypse question:

Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher? Um....well...neither really. I stitch a lot of gifts that I happen to give out for Christmas just because I normally have them finished around that time but I haven't really stitch much that's 'Christmasy'. The exception to this, at least for this year, being Miss Emma's stocking. 


Well, as always it was a lot of fun to get to see my wonderful crafty ladies. ^_^ I got soooo close to finishing Emma's stocking.  I managed to get the bottom of the stocking started before and worked on getting the absolute bottom outline done before I got off for the day.  My goal was to have it finished on Sunday (because I set unrealistic goals for myself all the time) but I didn't finish it till the 22nd.  It now needs to be washed/ironed and the interfacing put on the back.  Once that is done I will …