November Blog Update

Well....once again, I'm late.  Very late this time. 

But between moving and family obligations I think I get a pass ;)

Yes, moving! We're all packed up, things are on their way to Colorado, actually it's already there and in storage, apartment is cleaned and all keys are turned back into the complex, and we are in Kingwood till Dec 6th spending time with the family.

Thanksgiving was fun. Charlie, Sarah's father, was in town since he had a job interview on Wed. So it was Joseph, Jason, Sarah, Emma (who has gotten sooo  big! Hard to believe she's 5 months old already!!), Lindsey, Dad, Mom, Thomas, Charlie, and my self.  It was fun and chaotic, as always.

The next day was take down Christmas stuff and start decorating the house. Always a day of stress.  Mom and I did the banister, which as always was a fight to try and remember how we did it the year before, Dad and Joe put up the tree and lights. Then in the evening we decorated it with the ornaments while watching Maleficent. THAT was a fight, which it is every year so I shouldn't really be surprised. 

Got most of my ornament for the pirate exchange done, but it won't be finished by the deadline (today) so I just won't take a picture of it.  I'll have it finished before I have to send it out though. I'm sure no one is going to complain that I don't have it done 'on time'.

I got 2 other ornaments that were rush jobs done. So I have now....3 soon to be 4 TW 'finishes' since I did different Byzantine Ornaments. ^_^ At least I finished something TW for the year. Haven't touched R&J in a while since I've had the Ornaments to work on, hopefully I can work on it a bit more after we're moved and settled into Colorado.


I spent about $25 this month on items for the Ornaments. I don't have my receipts any more (they're in a box somewhere) so I don't have the EXACT total but I know it was about that much for fabric glue, felt (red, green, purple, and blue), rope trim, and shiny metal floss. Also picked up 2 more skeins of 422 since I ran out during the 4th ornament. I should have waited an extra day because JoAnn's has DMC floss 3/$.99 now but I really needed it and didn't want to wait the extra day  because I knew I wouldn't get have time to run to the store.  I was good and only picked up the 2 skeins I needed so that's good.


I missed this since I was in Palestine for the early 'Thanksgiving' dinner with Joe & family. Joe originally wasn't going to be able to make it down for Thanksgiving so we wanted to celebrate it early with him.  He since then was able to make it down since Krogers close at 4 and not 6 like the year before.  That was a nice surprise for Mom. ^_^ I was sad that I didn't get to see my wonderful gals though.


Question: "What are your favorite and least favorite materials to use in your stitching?"

Well, I don't know.  I LOVE beads, they just add such a nice 'blinggy' touch to things. I love metallic thread for the same reason (shiny is ALWAYS fun!) but it's such a pain to work with, and since I don't use metallic thread all that often, it's an pain that I always forget about till I'm using it again. I haven't tried memory thread or silks yet, although I would like to at some point.

I'm LOVING evenweave! Before my TW ornaments and R&J I had only worked with Aida. Even Jim Shore's 'Welcome' was on colored Aida. R&J is on linen which I'm finding a little frustrating to work with because I have to be sooo very careful with it and the tension of my thread, something I didn't have to worry about with Aida or even all that much with evenweave.

I know Mel said that different types of linens are sometimes easier to work with, and I don't remember what kind I got for R&J so I'll have to experiment with different types and see if I can find a linen that I like.  It took me a while to get used to doing 2 over 2 on my linen and evenweave but now that I've gotten used to counting it, I find it very easy to work on.  Probably going to have a hard time going back to Aida now ;) but that's okay. 

Don't have any pictures of Kenny's finished ornament since I forgot to take pictures, but I have pictures of the finished stitching.

Thomas and I babysat miss Emma on Tuesday while Mom & Dad went to a financial meeting. It was a lot of fun. :) Uncle Thomas introduced her to Pokemon and she loved it. Probably because of all the colors and movement. Emma LOVES her Uncle Thomas and always gives him big smiles. ^_^ Me, she's okay with.


Kenny's finished ornament - stitched. I will have to take a picture of the ornament I finished for the street exchange.

Our 'snow day' we probably ended up with an inch of snow or so when all was done.  It was fun ^_^ Roxy love it!

 Uncle Thomas and Emma playing Pokemon.  She kept trying to touch the top screen. Also, you can see the pasta maker that Kenny bought for me for Christmas. It's been interesting working with it down in Houston. We've had a few issues but nothing we couldn't overcome w/ some work.
Part of the banister decorated for Christmas. ^_^

Overall, it's been a VERY busy month. Next month is going to be busy too with finding a house and moving/unpacking & getting my own Christmas decorations up and ready for company. It's going to be crazy but fun I'm sure. We'll see how much stitching I get done.

Till next time, happy stitching everyone!


  1. So busy! I'm excited about your finding a new place in your new place! And all those ornaments! All of the family! Sounds like you are having more fun even if there is a little stress thrown in for fun :D

    1. Yeah. I love spending time with family, and then there are those days when I just want to get away from EVERYONE! Mom got to see the floor stand you sent me. She thinks it's pretty cool. Jason and Dad thought so too.

      I think I'll feel better about the move to Colorado once we have signed a lease and gotten keys. It's a little stressful not knowing where you're going to live. I'll keep you ladies updated but just don't be surprised if I fall off the radar for a while again.

  2. Wow, that's really been busy - and you've even been stitching on top of that! I really hope things are going to cool down for you for the end of the year, and that you can spent peaceful holidays and 2015 without further moving :)

  3. You've been so busy, it sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving though, If you are like me you will find it hard to work on aida again, I so prefer evenweave.


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