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SFS - Oct '15

Budget: $41.09
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Carry Over: $66.09

Not much to report this month. I honestly didn't do much stitching. Which is bad since I have projects that need to be finished and soon, but I lost my stitching bug. So if anyone finds it, her name is Stitchy, please send it back to me. I need her. 

So what have I been doing? Well, outside of work, I've been playing video games. Mostly Diablo III but recently StarWars The Old Republic (SWTOR) again.

Here's hoping Stitchy comes home soon and I can buckle down and knock out at least Mom's gift. I already figure I won't get Emily's stocking done before Christmas at this rate. *sigh* Oh well...I doubt she's going to care.

Here's hoping everyone else had a wonderful stitch filled month. :)

SFS - Sept '15

Budget: $28.62
Spent: $12.53
Earned: $0
Carry Over: $16.09

So, I got another stocking for my newest niece.  Dimensions Cross Stitch: Stack of Critters

Pretty cute huh? ^_^ Goal is to have this done by Thanksgiving so I can give it to Nicki and James for baby Emily who was born on the 16th.  That's supposed to get in sometime this week (I think Tuesday) so I'll start that as soon as it gets in.

So, what did I work on?

Finished the weather tags for calendar and started on the part on the fabric.

 I also got a wonderful gift from Leonore - TW fruit bell pull kit. ^_^ This will go in my 'To Do' pile and whenever I finish it I'll find a nice place for it.....somewhere.

I can't wait to finish stitching up 'calendar' so I can get it all put together. It's stitching up pretty quickly so after I do all the letters, all I'll have to do is go back and backstitch them. I was going to backstitch as I went but I wanted to see how it looked first in case I need to…

Book Review

First off let me start out by warning anyone reading this - as the title suggests this is NOT a crafting post. If you only want to ready about my stitching then skip this one and wait for the next post, if you don't care and want to read whatever, then cool beans.

Second off - this will NOT be a nice review! You have been warned.

Okay, as some of you may know I am an avid reader - and by avid I mean I would go to the library during the summer, check out 6 to 7 books (some times 10) and have them all done by the end of the week and going back to get more. I can read 1 - 2 a day if I'm not interrupted. More if they aren't long or I've read them 50 million times before. ;) And no matter what I might think of a book I always finish it. There have been 3 exceptions to this unofficial rule of mine, because I hold out hope that the book will get better if I just blow through it.  It doesn't always work.

The first: a book I don't even remember the name or author of…

SFS - Aug 2015

Budget: $25.00
Spent: $21.38
Earned: $0
Carry Over: $3.62

So......I managed to stick to my budget this month. JoAnn's had a 3 for $.99 sale on DMC floss a few weeks ago, and I needed to pick up some colors for one of my next projects so I took advantage of the sale. I also picked up a magazine and I had a 20% off coupon as well.

$9.24 for 28 skeins
$14.00 for the magazine

 Floss on the left is what I bought. Right pile is what I already had in my stash. Still need to bobinate them which is why there is a pack of plastic bobbins. So I now have all the floss colors I need for "Project Princess" and I just need to get the beads. Those will probably be purchased next month though.

There are a several  Joan Elliot designs in this and I LOVE JE! There are a lot of other cute designs too so I just had to pick this one up. 

Already have a few plans for some of these, I just have to make room in my project list for them.

So....what did I work on? Well I worked on some of the weather t…

July '15 SFS-B

 Month: July 2015
Spent: $51.80
Earned: $0

Yes, I know I totally blew my budget out of the water this month (by about $27) but I'm not really sorry.

I got a lot of stuff I needed for my next 2 projects, one of which I'm working on now, and since 1 of the items I needed was 50% off at Hobby Lobby the weekend I went, I decided I might as well go for it.

So what did I get?

 - Fabric from my LNS that is fit for a princess, I'm just not telling you which one yet ;)
 - Thread colors that I was missing for 'Grandma's Project' (GP)
 - Fabric for GP
 - Double pack of 14 ct plastic canvas for GP
 - Magnets (2 kinds - strips with adhesive backing and solid round ones) for GP
 - Plastic bobbins since I needed more
 - 2 small plastic containers for bobbinated floss for small projects
 - Artist canvas for GP (which was 50% off so it only cost me like $5 instead of $10)

So....did I work on anything?

Actually, yes. I started my MH ornament, but I haven't finished it yet, still h…

SFS - June '15

So.....I know I am WAY late reporting this, and so it won't qualify for the SFS report but I figured I'd would post it anyway.

Budget: $85.10

Earned: $0
Spent: - $20.20
Remaining: $64.90

Now since this doesn't carry over to the next SFS it doesn't really matter much.

So $7 of that went towards a Mill Hill bead ornament kit that I found at my new LNS :)

So, what did I buy for $13.20? Well there was a garage sale going on locally because of a liquidation sale of an old quilting store. Sadly the owner had passed and the family was getting rid of her store stash. They had floss, aida, fabric, kits, completed quilts and half completed quilts that had been used to display patterns.

They had floss in bags (25 skeins for $1) or individual floss in a bin that you dug through. Thomas and I started digging through the bin to find colors that I needed but after having little success at that, I decided to just take my chance with the bags and ended up buying 8 bags (about 200 skeins o…

SFS - May '15

Previous: $60.10
Earned: $0
Next Month: $85.10So I didn't do too much stitching this month. Started my new job and have been busy with that for a week now. It's been interesting falling into a new routine and I think Roxy is still a little confused when I leave in the morning.

I did make some progress on Glaceon but I'll set that project aside and work on 12 days next month.
 Still have the tail to finish, the right design so it's pointing downward like the others, and the light blue accents on the front leg.

Played a lot of Diablo III with hubby and friends and kinda lost my stitching bug for a bit since I didn't feel like working on anything.

Also, went to Comic Con up in Denver yesterday and had a blast! Met Randal Spangler (not at Con but at the Art festival going on not to far from Con), Karen Hallion, Nei Ruffino and Jewel Staite!

Randal asked me about how the cross-stitching projects of his artwork work out as he said he thought it was really cool t…

SFS - April '15

Budget: $52.05
Earned: $4.00? (13h x 59w) 
Spent:  - $20.94
May Budget: ($35.10 + $25) = $60.10

First off, I'm not 100% sure about the 'Earned' credit amount. It's either $2 or $4 depending on what I go with. Just the stitch h & w is $2 but if I do the math shown under the rules (13+59)/2 = 36 and so that would be $4. So I went with $4 but if anyone knows for sure please let me know!

So what did I finish? My NCCIH logo. For those who don't know what NCCIH is it stands for "Nerd Central Command International Headquarters". Carla started it by calling her stitching/craft area "Nerd Central Command" and then we decided that since our stitching hangout gals were from all over the world (Canada, Alaska, Germany, Netherlands, Arizona and Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado) we should have our areas the "NCC International Headquarters". So, I created the pattern last year but had yet to stitch it up. I chose 'spring' themed colors with DMC&…