July '15 SFS-B

 Month: July 2015
Spent: $51.80
Earned: $0

Yes, I know I totally blew my budget out of the water this month (by about $27) but I'm not really sorry.

I got a lot of stuff I needed for my next 2 projects, one of which I'm working on now, and since 1 of the items I needed was 50% off at Hobby Lobby the weekend I went, I decided I might as well go for it.

So what did I get?

 - Fabric from my LNS that is fit for a princess, I'm just not telling you which one yet ;)
 - Thread colors that I was missing for 'Grandma's Project' (GP)
 - Fabric for GP
 - Double pack of 14 ct plastic canvas for GP
 - Magnets (2 kinds - strips with adhesive backing and solid round ones) for GP
 - Plastic bobbins since I needed more
 - 2 small plastic containers for bobbinated floss for small projects
Aren't they cute?
 - Artist canvas for GP (which was 50% off so it only cost me like $5 instead of $10)

So....did I work on anything?

Actually, yes. I started my MH ornament, but I haven't finished it yet, still have the light blue beads and charm to put on before it's done.
July 14 progress shot

I started taking GP to work instead. I finished part 1.5 of GP but since it's all back-stitching I'm not counting it as a finish for this month.

So, what is the GP I keep talking about? Well, as some of you might already know, my brother had a niece - Emma - who is now 13 months old. My Mom and I were flipping through one of my XS magazines and we found a cute pattern that Mom requested I do for her, with some changes. It's a calendar and while part of it is stitched on fabric, which is then stretched over an artist canvas to give it some strength, the days of the week, months, numbers, and weather, are stitched on plastic canvas which is cut out and a magnet is attached to the back. The other magnets aren't stuck on anything so they can be removed as needed.

The original pattern had the child's name on it, but since Mom wants to use it for ALL her grandchildren, we decided to leave that part out.

Pre cut-out finish

Start of weather! ^_^

There were supposed to be random light purple full Xs under and around the snowflake - but since 1) I forgot about them till I was almost done and 2) because I CAN! I'm going to add light purple beads instead. And besides, it needs a little sparkle. ;)

Okay, well that's all for the progress shots, now onto the rest of the photos!

So Thomas, Roxy, Jewel and I went home for a week to visit family and because he had vacation time to take. Which was fun. The 16hr drive.....not so much, don't worry we did it in 2 days and didn't kill ourselves doing it in 1.

Since our b-day is Aug 5th, and I'm not going to be home to celebrate it with the rest of the family, we had a mini b-day celebration on the Monday we were there and I gave out my gifts to my sister & brother but they had to wait for the rest of their gifts from the family while I got all of mine. Mwahahah! In case you don't already know, I'm a triplet, hence the joint birthday talk.

I got the last season of True Blood *tear* from Joe & Linds, the 50th anniversary of Sound of Music from Mom/Dad, a beautiful Winne the Pooh teapot from Jason/Sarah, and a Disney cross-stitching kit from Reema (family friend who had been staying with Jason/Sarah for a few days).

The teapot is going up on my shelf with my 2 other pretty teapots. The kit has aida, floss, and a pattern book. There are a few I will probably end up doing at some point.

Joe also brought his cat, Star, so it was a full house between the 3 dogs and the cat. Joe, Mom and I also ended up having to give Star a bath because she stunk. Well.....you can guess how well that went.

Star - Halp me!
 The 3 dogs did their normal rodeo but eventually all calmed down.



As you can see, they all passed out in 'their' spots - Kirby in 'his'/Mom's chair, Lilly in-between Mom & Dad's chair, and Roxy next to the couch where I was sitting. And yes, Kirby sleeps on his back like that all the time in that chair....and sometimes when he's not. He's weird like that.

We also got to meet up with Joe (Thomas's cousin, not my little bro) his wife Whitney, and their new baby girl, Harper - who I think is like 10 months old or so.
Adorable isn't she?
Roxy wasn't to sure of here in her walker/spaceship thing she's got there so she stayed out of the way, or tried to. Harper thought it was fun chasing her though, poor puppy couldn't catch a break with the little ones.

Thomas and I got to see Ankit, a friend, race his mini car (I'm not sure what it's called) Sat night that we got in. It was a blast. We got pit passes so we could go back to his trailer and hang with him in-between races. Thomas helped him as his unofficial pit crew member, since normally it's just him doing all the work.

Ankit & car

Thomas, Ankit & car

Really, lots of fun watching all the different races and even though Ankit didn't win we still enjoyed ourselves. 

 One of the things I like to do when I'm home is play Pokeno, think Bingo but with playing cards, with the ladies on our street. It's a thing we try to do once a month and I asked Mom to host it this month while I was home so I could play.

We play for pennies, I know...big spenders ;) with everyone throwing in $.03/bowl for each round with each round being called by the person to the left of the previous caller so everyone has a turn. There are 5 bowls in our game - Pokeno, Black Out, Middle, 4 of a kind, and 4 corners. Black Out is always the last round of the night which is done whenever it gets back the original caller who started the game. Pokeno winner ends each of the other rounds.

At the end of the game I had won a whole $1.40, which I then gave back to my Mom since I had forgotten my bag at home in CO and was using her money to play.

Emma wanted to help her Grandma play so while Mom was holding her (and Emma was eating a tortilla chip) she kept putting her tortilla chip down on Mom's card and then would try to pick up the red bingo chips that the game comes with and try to eat those....it was a good thing I was sitting next to her and could help Mom keep an eye on her.

I had also gotten my hair done before we left - cut & highlighted. Got a good 3-4 inches cut off and some nice caramel highlights put in.  And were I work, we have a lot of deer that come by and lay along the building where it's shaded - hence the random picture of the doe below.

 The above picture of Roxy was taken in the hotel room we stayed at on the way back to CO. She's laying her head on Mr. Cuddles, my golden retriever stuffed animal I got in HS (my Mom named him for me ^_^) who I brought back with me for when Thomas is gone, or when I'm not feeling good. :( Mr. Cuddles went to college with me and has been a good companion when I've been sick in the past.

For the most part through Roxy avoids Mr. Cuddles or just really isn't interested in him I guess. But that was just too cute to not take a picture of.

Okay, so that's all for the massive picture fest. Till next time

Happy stitching everyone!



  1. You had an fabulous trip, sounds like fun, and cute dogs, poor kitty though.

    1. Eh Star was fine, she just wasn't happy. Joe didn't do a good job holding her so he almost got bit but it's his cat so whatever. She forgave him quickly enough after being dried off and given cat treats.

      And yes, we did have a lot of fun. It was chaotic and busy but fun. Because hey, family time is like that. ^_^

  2. Wow, what an amazingly picture-heavy update! So much fun was had, and so much stitching got done as well, I'm happy you had a good time ^_^

    1. It was fun ^_^ I have more fun things that I'll post later that I got as well.

  3. I didn't realize just how incredibly busy you had been! gosh how FUN!

  4. You just made my busy time looks quiet :D glad you had fun and even managed some stitching, can't wait to see how it turns out.


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