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Adventures in the Kitchen and other Fun Surprises!

Okay so today's little blog is actually NOT all about stitching, or really even my current WIP as I'm sure you can tell by the title.

Let me start this out by explaining a few things.  About a month or so ago Thomas and I went to Kenny's apartment for dinner.  Kenny is one of Thomas's old West Point roommates, a good friend, and one of his classmates at this Captain's Career Course. He lives in the same apartment complex as we do, just a few buildings over.  We periodically switch around who hosts dinner, usually on the weekends, since Kenny lives by himself but still likes to cook and it's frustrating to cook for only one person. I like to cook as well and we both like to cook for other people so....thus the current arrangement.

Well Kenny made homemade pasta that night for dinner and it was AMAZING! Seriously, like WAAAAY better than store bought pasta. He showed me his wonderful metal pasta machine that he had picked up at Ross (or some place like that) year…

Sept IHSW, SFS + WIPocalypse

Okay so I really need to get better at blogging on time.

So - for WIPocalypse the question is: "Who is your favorite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?" I don't really have a favorite person to stitch for, I stitch a lot of gifts though, mostly for family. I do have a few projects that I'm going to make for myself though - Teresa's R&J and my Orchid/Butterfly ones I'm going to keep. There area few others that I might keep as well. Overall though most of the items I stitch I end up stitching with other people in mind.


It was a lot of fun. Finally got to hang with all my wonderful ladies at one time.  I made some progress on my stocking for Miss Emma (about 173 stitches on Sat and 174 on Sunday). I would have done more on Sat, but I got off to go play SWTOR with my hubby which was fun too. 


Well I went home to Kingwood for a weekend visit and to pick up my car a couple of weeks ago.  One of these days my Mom and…