Sept IHSW, SFS + WIPocalypse

Okay so I really need to get better at blogging on time.

So - for WIPocalypse the question is: "Who is your favorite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?" I don't really have a favorite person to stitch for, I stitch a lot of gifts though, mostly for family. I do have a few projects that I'm going to make for myself though - Teresa's R&J and my Orchid/Butterfly ones I'm going to keep. There area few others that I might keep as well. Overall though most of the items I stitch I end up stitching with other people in mind.

Progress as of Sunday

It was a lot of fun. Finally got to hang with all my wonderful ladies at one time.  I made some progress on my stocking for Miss Emma (about 173 stitches on Sat and 174 on Sunday). I would have done more on Sat, but I got off to go play SWTOR with my hubby which was fun too. 

9/26 Progress

Well I went home to Kingwood for a weekend visit and to pick up my car a couple of weeks ago.  One of these days my Mom and I went to JoAnn's because she wanted to look for some colored felt for a project.  I went looking at cross-stitching supplies.  I picked up 30 different DMC colors ($9.90) that I didn't have already in my stash, a pack of plastic bobbins w/ a metal ring ($1.99) for the, and a wrist pincushion ($2.40) after coupons and sale items I spent about $14.29 

Found a new TV show to watch called 'Forever' that on ABC.  Seems like it's going to be an interesting show.  Also, found out that Season 9 of 'Bones' is on Netflix so I'm watching it to keep up before I start watching Season 10 which aired this week. 

Making good progress on the Reindeer - who I'm calling 'Dasher'. Dasher's blue scarf is almost done and I have the outline of his hand done.

Hopefully I can finish him up soon and move on to the rest of the presents in the middle before I work on the snowy bottom of the stocking.

Well until next time, happy stitching everyone! ^_^ 


  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for Forever, I haven't heard of it. But then I don't really get into new show watching mode until Supernatural starts. I have PVR'd Gotham though.
    Dasher looks adorable.

  2. Forever? Hmmmm, must check that one out :D Your progress is AWESOME even if you don't think so and I think we all agreed at the Hangout that this is true ha ha!

  3. As the other two already said, you're making more progress than you keep saying, I'm sure you can keep your deadline! Have fun stitching and watching Bones ^_^


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