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December Update & Christmas!! ^_^

Okay so I've been a little busy and so I forgot to do my updates.

SFS: I didn't spend any $$ because of moving and all so it was a busy month.

Got all the furniture in on Monday (the 22nd) and between James & Nicki (brother & sister-in-law), Tom & Marylee (in-laws) and Thomas and myself, we got a LOT of boxes unpacked and practically all the kitchen items put away.  There are still a lot of boxes (mostly clothes & bathroom stuff it looks like) up in Thomas & my room, my book shelf still needs to be set up, and my stitching stuff needs to be found & unpacked once I figure that out. 

The downstairs family room/'basement' is still to be set up since that is where all out computer/game systems are going but that will be worked on this weekend while I do the bedroom stuff. Who knows, we might even get to hang up a few of our pictures too.

As for Christmas, it was a blast. We did a secret santa exchange with Thomas's side of the family. I had Mary…