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SFS - Feb '15

Budget February: $29.00
Earned: $0
Spent: $1.95
Next Month Budget: $27.05

So, this month I spent a total of $1.95. I had a $20 gift card from Hobby Lobby that I received as a Christmas present. I got 3 different sewing fabrics & sizes on clearance, a plastic tote to hold all my cross-stitching fabric and miscellaneous fabric, and 5 skeins of floss that I needed for one of my projects. Btw: thank you soooo much Mel! I already have a few ideas for the fabric you sent. ^_^

I finished 'Day 2' of my J.E. "Twelve Days" along with 1 angel and started on the middle, finishing the text 'Twelve Days of Christmas' I just need to add the flowers (and their back stitching) and a few other stitches before I move on to the 2nd angel and 'Day 3'.

However, since my dA group, 'Stitching Pirates' is hosting a contest that focus's on tribal designs, and it ends next month, I decided to stop my "Twelve Days" and work on it. I picked a black and wh…