SFS - Feb '15

Budget February: $29.00
Earned: $0
Spent: $1.95
Next Month Budget: $27.05

So, this month I spent a total of $1.95. I had a $20 gift card from Hobby Lobby that I received as a Christmas present. I got 3 different sewing fabrics & sizes on clearance, a plastic tote to hold all my cross-stitching fabric and miscellaneous fabric, and 5 skeins of floss that I needed for one of my projects. Btw: thank you soooo much Mel! I already have a few ideas for the fabric you sent. ^_^

I finished 'Day 2' of my J.E. "Twelve Days" along with 1 angel and started on the middle, finishing the text 'Twelve Days of Christmas' I just need to add the flowers (and their back stitching) and a few other stitches before I move on to the 2nd angel and 'Day 3'.

However, since my dA group, 'Stitching Pirates' is hosting a contest that focus's on tribal designs, and it ends next month, I decided to stop my "Twelve Days" and work on it. I picked a black and white pokemon pattern of Eevee and all of her evolution forms (except for the newest, Sylveon) that I've had for.....well....a few years, that I found on Sprite Stitch. I imported it into my pattern maker and made a few adjustments as well as adding 2 different colors per pokemon instead of leaving it black and white. I had to make a few more color adjustments after I picked colors because once I looked them up in my floss chart, they didn't really work or were just waaaay off from what the actual floss looked like compared to the computer program. Super glad I have that floss card now. ^_^ Thanks Mom & Dad!

I had some extra 28 ct evenweave fabric that I had in my stash and decided to use it instead of going out and purchasing MORE fabric. When I started it, I was doing 2 over but alas, that was too big for the amount of fabric that I actually had so I had to frog it all and start over doing 1 over. This has taken longer since it's so small and I've had to almost triple check my counting to make sure I don't miss a row or a stitch when I go back, which I've already done once or twice. Now I'm a judge for the contest so my entree doesn't count, towards winning any of the prizes but I have a friend who's a huge Eevee fan so I figured she'd like it and I can give it to her as a late/early birthday gift/Christmas gift since her birthday is on New Years eve and I wasn't able to be there for it last year.

Thomas was gone for about 6 days this month so it was just Roxy and me while he was in the field doing training. Poor Roxy was beside herself when he finally came home. I'm sure she's not going to enjoy it much when he leaves for longer periods of time in the coming months. But oh well.


$9 tote that I purchased with a 40% off coupon. It was about $3 after tax. I'll pick up a 2nd one to separate my fabrics a bit more at some point.
 Tote full of fabrics. ^_^

Sewing fabrics purchased at Hobby Lobby: 2 things of brown cotton; one 3/8 yard and the other 1 yard. Kona Cotton which is 45" and 3/4 yard. Haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do with them but I like the idea of having something on hand if needed.

My 'stitching shelf' with all of my stitching things. I plan on organizing this a bit better later. Books & blue binder that holds a few extra pattern pamphlets, pot lid holder that I'm using to hold my kitted up patterns and WIPs/UFOs, R&J and the grey binder that is holding her patterns & floss. The box has a few small kits that I found, my box of fabric, and a few loose patterns & hoops.

Roxy waiting on her daddy to come home the first day he was gone. She spend a lot of time curled up on the couch with me while I stitched or worked on my job resume.

Full shot of J.E. "Twelve Days" progress.

Close up of 'Day 1'. Complete except for beads
 Close up of 'Day 2' finished - no beads to add

Close up of right angel - finished except for beads

Close of up "Twelve Days" text 

Progress as of 2/28 on my 'Tribal Eeveeloutions' patterns. Slow but I'm enjoying it. Finished Espeon and working on Umbreon

Till next time everyone, happy stitching!


  1. You did well on your spending, and oh-so-great on your stitching; beautiful progress :)

  2. Well done on SFS!
    Love your 12 days!
    Great job organizing!

    1. Thanks ^_^ I've got more to add I just need finish organizing it all

  3. WOW!! Put together like this it is totally impressive :D How have you managed to keep your stash so small? Even with my downsizing I haven't achieved anything close!

    1. I have a bit more that I haven't brought down out of the bedroom to put on my shelf. I also tend to give away a lot of stitches so I typically only buy patterns with others in mind so I don't horde a lot. And I also don't typically buy fabric for projects until I start them so I don't have the fabric horde that you do, but that will probably change. I need to put my thread boxes back on the shelf, they're currently under my table since I dug through them for my pokemon thread and haven't put them back.

  4. You did really well this month! I wishs hops here would give nice coupons liek in the USA, would make things a lot more affordable and so much stitching too :D

  5. Oh, I love the Eevee project! Do you mind possibly sharing your revised pattern? I have the Sprite Stitch one too, but I love the color version even more!

    1. I will gladly share it with you once I'm done stitching it up. I've been making changes as I stitch so I don't want to send it to you and change even more on it. ^_^

      If I can figure out how to post the PDF somewhere on here I'll do so, otherwise when I'm done I'll just get your e-mail from you and send it to you that way.

    2. Wonderful, thank you! I love seeing the progress on it; March's progress looks great too. :)


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