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SFS Update - April

So once again I have $0 for this month if only because I'm still working on Emma's announcement.  Didn't get a lot done simply because I lost my desire to stitch it.  I want to change projects but I know I need to finish it.  So I did two quick, free kits, that came in the last issue of my cross-stitching magazine that were cards.  I'm giving them to my Mom and mother-in-law for Mother's day.  I had already decided to make a card for them and was just having issues finding a pattern I liked. 

After finishing the two cards I felt better about working on Emma's gift. Lots of stuff going on though, Thomas & I are getting ready to move, he gets promoted and we are having family & people over for a party.  It will be fun but a little chaotic with everything going on.

 Progress of Emma's
 Group shot of the Mother's day cards.
 Close up of the blue one that will be going to my Mom
Close up of the orange one that will be going to MaryLee.  This one w…

April WIPocalypse

I actually had this started the day after the original post was supposed to be done.....I just didn't have pictures yet and then I got busy and forgot that I hadn't hit publish. >.> sorry folks.

Well it's that time of year again....and this month's question:  How do you keep your stash organized?

Well.....since I'm getting ready to move right now everything is in a box so it's not all that organized anymore.

That being said, most of my thread is all wound on bobbins, with the brand on the left (DMC, J&P, whatever) and the number on the right if it is a paper bobbin.  The plastic ones (which I recently got) have the DMC code stickers on them since I only buy DMC. All of these are in two plastic boxes that are sectioned. I picked them up at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

I used to buy plastic bags and store my thread in them with a slip of paper in it that had the code on it which I mostly used for kits.  These bags were then stored on two large rings.  That…

End of March Review

So this month was a little more crazy with things going on.

I had my parents visit the weekend before spring break, which was nice. My Mom went to go visit her Dad in Michigan during the beginning of the school holiday, and since Thomas was working late everyday, including weekends, I went home with them and took Roxy and Jewel.

I typically end up doing 50 million things when I go home and my Mom isn't around.  That Sat, the 15th, was also the day we were hosting Sarah's baby shower so that week was a lot of getting things ready.  Mom was supposed to be back on Thursday, but unfortunately her flight was canceled and she didn't fly out till Friday morning. Which translated for more work for Lindsey and myself that day.  Mom and I were running around like crazy on Friday trying to pick up last minute items for the baby shower. It all turned out well in the end though. ^_^

I did the cake for the shower and Mom & I made a 'diaper cake' for the center piece. It was …