End of March Review

So this month was a little more crazy with things going on.

I had my parents visit the weekend before spring break, which was nice. My Mom went to go visit her Dad in Michigan during the beginning of the school holiday, and since Thomas was working late everyday, including weekends, I went home with them and took Roxy and Jewel.

I typically end up doing 50 million things when I go home and my Mom isn't around.  That Sat, the 15th, was also the day we were hosting Sarah's baby shower so that week was a lot of getting things ready.  Mom was supposed to be back on Thursday, but unfortunately her flight was canceled and she didn't fly out till Friday morning. Which translated for more work for Lindsey and myself that day.  Mom and I were running around like crazy on Friday trying to pick up last minute items for the baby shower. It all turned out well in the end though. ^_^

I did the cake for the shower and Mom & I made a 'diaper cake' for the center piece. It was a lot of fun but a ton of work!

Now since I was working on my bibs I didn't keep track of my daily stitching on Emma's announcement so that's going to throw off my average stitch/day. But that's okay.

Total stitch count done this month: 330 stitches, which is all the orange of the top border for last month. Total of about 8,187 stitches so far. ^_^

So....pictures! :)

The orange is what was finished in March.  The blue was what I was working on today and I just forgot to take a picture before I started it.

Baby Shower Pictures:

So this is Sarah's shower cake.  Ended up taking 2 days for me to make because my frosting wasn't cooperating.  The cake was a pink velvet cake mix that I got at the store. 

I got the idea for the decoration by looking at a ton of different baby shower cakes.  The original had 'baby' instead of a name but I thought this would be nicer.  The original also used colored fondant sheets - an added expense that I didn't want to deal with, plus I hate fondant.  So I did it all out of frosting.  Mom had alphabet cookie cutters and I used a post-it-note for the squares.  Not the nicest or most professional looking (not that I'm a professional cake-decorator/maker in the first place) but I thought it came out okay with all the issues I had encountered and everyone loved it so...success! ^_^

Next up is the diaper cake that my Mom and I worked on.  I made the bows, which was the first time I've ever done ribbon bows like this.  I also added all the decorations on the 'tiers'

There is an owl and a cookie monster at the base, which unfortunately I don't have a good picture of.  The owl is to represent Sarah, since she went to Rice and their mascot is the owl and the Cookie Monster is for Jason because Cookie Monster was his favorite Sesame Street character.

Mom got the beanie baby 'cake topper' from my Grandpa when she was visiting him because my Grandma had collected beanie-babies.  She had TONS and they were all over the house.  Very tempting when 4 kids come to visit and they see ones that they don't have.  We played with ours at home but man did we get in trouble when we played with Grandma's.  These beanie babies weren't play toys and we were to leave them alone, thank-you very much! Oh well. 

Hopefully, I can get the rest of the borders done this month. I really need to get started on that Christmas stocking so I'm anxious to get this one finished.

Till next time everyone, happy stitching!! :)


  1. Busy woman! I hope things have slowed down a little now and you can breathe :D I'm thinking Saturday, if everyone is available, we all need to chat a bit. Let me know if this is do-able for you!

  2. That cake is gorgeous, and you can trust me on that, I am a professional cake decorator, sort of.

    1. Haha thanks Nancy. I should have sifted my confectioners sugar before I made my second batch of frosting (the one I ended up using for all the colors) but I didn't since I hadn't ever had a problem in the past.....big mistake! Small chunks of sugar made doing any sort of piping/dots difficult which is why some of them are smeared. Oh well, lesson learned, always sift no matter what!

  3. What a busy month for you - I love the cake, it looks delicious!


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