SFS - Jan '15

Well, this is my first SFS post for the year. Between all the holiday activities, house hunting, moving and unpacking it has been a very busy year so far.

Month: January
Spent: $0
Earned: 1 (small) finish 46 x 48 stitches - $4  

I have done a lot of stitching this month. Not on R&J, except for a few back-stitching on parts of the balcony, but on one of the free Christmas pattern/its from DMC that I got from my parents
and on Joan Elliot's "Twelve Days of Christmas" kit from Design Works.

1st finish of the year!

Progress 1-27

My goal for "12 Days" is to finish at least 1 'day'/month. I want to have it stitched and ready to frame before Christmas of this year so we shall see how it goes. It took almost all day just to do the 2 out of the 3 green colors in the tree! There were lots of random spots for the green and medium green with the light green being a quick stitch just because there wasn't much of it.

Carla is also working on a "12 Days of Christmas" stitch, but her's from Teresa Wentzler. It's been fun to see how her's has progressed as she just finished her, day 1 and I'm going to try to have mine finished before the end of the month.

Until next time everyone, happy stitching! ^_^


  1. I know you heard me screaming about it last night, but I'll do it here too!! YAY! and HURRAH! You will definitely get Day 1 done by Saturday at the rate you are going! This IS so very exciting, two different versions on at the same time :D

    1. Finger's crossed. ^_^ I think between the two of us we can motivate each other to work on our own respective '12 days'

  2. I love this more every time I look at it. And yay for the successful SFS month

    1. Helps that I haven't really gone out to spend money either ;)

  3. I love your version of 12 days, and I'm quite convinced I shall have to do it as well someday...great progress, you are stitching in bursts a bit, but you are so very fast when you do!

    1. I'm sure if you ask nicely Nancy will send you the pattern when she finishes it. ^_^

      And yeah, bust of stitching seems to be my thing right now and they tend to be all day events. haha

  4. Your version is looking great! SFS going so well too! Keep up the good work :)


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