End of May update.

Yes I know that May ended 13 days ago.  I just haven't sat down and actually written the post.

As far as decorating the apartment, we have the all of our pictures and other such decor up in the living room/entrance way/dinning room.  The curtains are up in the living room but the master bedroom and guest room/computer room still need to have curtains and decor put up on the wall.

For that we have to go through our posters and figure out which ones we are going to buy frames for and put up.

As far as Miss Emma's arrival, it is now a waiting game. The doctor won't let her go past the 19th so we will see what happens.

Now for pictures! ^_^

Update as of 5/31

Update as of 6/12
Ran out of the teal color that goes between the lighter blue/green for the hills.  Got to say, Dimensions is great about getting back to you.  I got an e-mail response a few hours after I placed my order saying it was processed and I should be receiving it in 7-10 business days.

Since I won't be going home to even see Miss Emma till the 4th of July (Thomas's first actual break from his classes) I have time to finish before I see them.  Then once the finishing touches are done it's just a matter of finding a frame I like.

Till next time!

Happy stitching. :)


  1. Oh YAY!!!!! You have been so busy!!

    1. Haha yup! ^_^ My new goal is to have all but the lettering and the teal, which I'm still waiting on, done by Sunday/Monday at the latest. I also have to figure out if I'm going to use beads or just do french/colonial knots for the eyes on the flowers & bird. Haven't decided yet but it will partially depend on what color small beads I have left in my stash.

  2. So much progress, I'm sure now you'll get done in time!

    I'm a little worried about the floss not being enough though. Did you have to extensivly frog at some point or something? Because if that ever happens to me it might be a bit of a puzzle actually getting the replacement floss here...

    1. I had enough but between moving it around so much I lost a strand or two. And I've never had a problem with Dimensions sending replacement floss, if worse comes to worse they can send it to me and I can ship it to you if they don't ship internationally.

      I would have had plenty of thread since I use only one, fold it in half, and do a loop start to make it 2 but like I said, I lost a few along the way. Chances are I'll find it either in my apartment or at my parent's house after I get the replacement floss. ;)

    2. Ah, I see. I do those loop starts as well and I've only ever once had a problem with floss not being enough since I do them, that was on a Vervaco kit and thankfully there were only a few stitches left in that color, which I could replace with something from my stash :)

  3. I absolutely adore that pattern and you are so close to done, it's so cute.


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