Jun WIPocalypse

So I completely just skipped last month.  I honestly just forgot since I was moving and all.  Sorry ladies but I'm going to go ahead and answer last months question and this months! ^_^

May: What designs or themes do you really wish you could find?  What do you think is missing among stitching designs?

Okay well....I honestly LOVE gryphons. But I'm pretty picky when it comes to how they look.  I know I can find tribal ones and the heraldic types ones but those aren't what I like.  I'm talking full on color 'realistic' looking creatures. ie:
Love Mercedes Lackey and 'The Mage Wars' was the first book series by her that I ever read. :)

Now, as you can imagine, not the easiest to find in the cross-stitching world since it's not a 'popular' mythical creature (ie: not a dragon, unicorn or fairy)  One of these days I might just go ahead and find a picture I like enough to make a pattern of it (or get someone else to since I'm not the best with pattern manipulation stuff like that)

That being said, I am constantly in awe by the shear number of different types of patterns/themes out there! Love that we can find pretty much anything out there now thanks to the interwebs.

 June: Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or a festival? If so, tell us about it!

No.  I would like to and perhaps one of these days I will do so. :)

So for my updated list of WIPs/'To-Do' list:

1) Finish Emma's birth record. - she's due any day now but I won't see her till July 4th so I still have time!
2) Emma's Christmas Stocking - not started. Will start once I'm done with the birth record thing
3) R&J - got the fabric, at least 1 of ever thread color needed and grid line thread but won't be started till Emma's gifts are done!
4) Various (small) TW projects - will work on during R&J when I need a break
5) Orchid & hummingbird - set aside for Emma's and has been moved to the UFO project pile since I really want to start on R&J now.  I will get back to it eventually.

Picture of Emma's BR so far as of 3:00pm on June 14th:


  1. I love the bigger picture of the announcement!!!!

    1. That stand you sent me is getting some use. ;) Its much easier to have it hold my frame then me. Although my couch is too low for the legs to slide under like it's supposed to :( Ah well. It still works. It's going to be really handy when I start R&J since I'm going to try out the whole parking threads thing for that to try it out. We'll see how that goes.

  2. I can't remember my first Mercades Lackey, do love her though I haven't read a lot, hmmmm should pick up Knight of Ghost and Shadows again, maybe after the Divergent series.

    1. I picked up 'The Black Gryphon' one day at the library simply because it had a gryphon on the cover. Read the summary on the back of the book thought 'huh....this seems cool' and picked up the other 2 in the series at the same time. I hate starting a book series and not having the others if it turns out I like it. Don't like having to wait for the next one cause it's checked out -_- I'm a little OCD when it comes to my books ;)

      Also was given 'Fire Rose' by a mother of one of my friends when she saw me with 'Silver Gryphon' and fell in love with that series. Nice twist on Beauty and the Beast and probably one of my favorites in the whole 'Elemental Masters' series even if it isn't normally listed with it because I believe it was under a different publisher.

      Need to pick up the Divergent series. Everyone keeps telling me it's a good book series.

      I LOVE Mercades Lackey and own quite a few of her books but since I don't own all of them I'm slowly buying the whole Valdemar and Elemental Masters series along with all the anthologies. I want to get the music CDs but they are hard to find and I have to order those online which make them even harder to find. :(
      Couldn't get into the Bedlem Bard series. Don't know why.
      Read the first 3 of the Bardic Voices series and loved those but I just couldn't get into the rest. Might have to give it another try one of these days.

      I also own quite a few Tamora Pierce books (all of her Alanna series, Wild Magic series, Protector of the Small series, and the Trickster duo). I tend to re-read my books a lot so my Alanna series is in pretty poor (loved) condition.

      My mom used to get so mad at me because I would constantly go to the 'young adult' section of the library to check out Tamora's books and just re-read those. She wanted me to 'branch out' and so one day told me I had to go to the adult section and find something to read. Which is how I found Mrs. Lackey. She also went and checked out a few books for me to read from a different section and had me read those too. They were just fiction books not fantasy/sci-fi and I wasn't too thrilled by them. Have since started picking up historical/paranormal romance books so that's made her happy. She thought that me just reading fantasy books was childish for someone of my age (16 or 17 at the time). But I love them and she's gotten over it since I had her read one or two Lackey books and she enjoyed them. ;)

    2. My Mother is an avid reader, and she passed it on to all three kids. She never cared what type we read and always encouraged us towards Andre Norton, her favorite who writes books for all age levels, and my has and rereads most of them, I love the trend in YA novels lately, and Mom borrows them as well.
      My brother is my out of house library, it was him that threw Harry Potter at me and said READ THIS. And my older sister that recommended Divergant So yeah as a family we aren't picky
      Have you tried Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series?

    3. I haven't read the Dresden books yet but they are on my 'to read' list. :) I will have to add Andre Norton now too.

  3. Beautiful progress, we're all cheering for you toget finished soon so you can start something new :D I'll keep my eyes open for gryphon patterns now.

    1. Thanks. :) As much as I love the colors in this I'm just ready to move on. I'm tired of looking at it haha. My stitching add is like 'ooohhh start this. Ohhh start that' and I'm having to force myself to NOT move on otherwise this thing will never get finished.

      It sucks that I'm sooooo close too, which is another reason my focus is starting to want to shift to other things. If I finish the main part then I'll move on to something else while I wait for my thread to come in and Emma to be born.

      Fingers crossed that I can do that without an issue ;)


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