SFS Update - April

So once again I have $0 for this month if only because I'm still working on Emma's announcement.  Didn't get a lot done simply because I lost my desire to stitch it.  I want to change projects but I know I need to finish it.  So I did two quick, free kits, that came in the last issue of my cross-stitching magazine that were cards.  I'm giving them to my Mom and mother-in-law for Mother's day.  I had already decided to make a card for them and was just having issues finding a pattern I liked. 

After finishing the two cards I felt better about working on Emma's gift. Lots of stuff going on though, Thomas & I are getting ready to move, he gets promoted and we are having family & people over for a party.  It will be fun but a little chaotic with everything going on.

 Progress of Emma's
 Group shot of the Mother's day cards.
 Close up of the blue one that will be going to my Mom
Close up of the orange one that will be going to MaryLee.  This one was a bit harder since it had more color changes.


  1. I know I commented this morning, but apparently it got lost in the Neverwhere. I'm sure it was a brilliant and witty comment as I had just finished a large mug of caffeine and I'm always brighter at 5am. But alas it is gone and now you are stuck with post-work me.
    The butterflies are lovely and I have a soft spot for the orange one since you managed to stitch that in a car while hanging out with us.
    I really hope the move goes smoothly for you.

    1. Hahah yeah I've had that happen a couple of times on me. I go to hit publish and suddenly - no reply. :(

      The second comment is never as good as the first one though. Ah well.

      And thanks. ^_^

  2. I second Nancy's comment about the orange butterfly...we watched you stitching it in a car and THAT was awesome! I cannot wait until you are done with your move. And please tell Thomas I'm really excited about his promotion, he's a great guy....he has to be to have you as a lovely wife!!


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