December Update & Christmas!! ^_^

Okay so I've been a little busy and so I forgot to do my updates.

SFS: I didn't spend any $$ because of moving and all so it was a busy month.

Got all the furniture in on Monday (the 22nd) and between James & Nicki (brother & sister-in-law), Tom & Marylee (in-laws) and Thomas and myself, we got a LOT of boxes unpacked and practically all the kitchen items put away.  There are still a lot of boxes (mostly clothes & bathroom stuff it looks like) up in Thomas & my room, my book shelf still needs to be set up, and my stitching stuff needs to be found & unpacked once I figure that out. 

The downstairs family room/'basement' is still to be set up since that is where all out computer/game systems are going but that will be worked on this weekend while I do the bedroom stuff. Who knows, we might even get to hang up a few of our pictures too.

As for Christmas, it was a blast. We did a secret santa exchange with Thomas's side of the family. I had Marylee and Thomas got me! It was pretty funny as he wasn't sure how he was going to hide the gifts from me but *shrug* he managed.

My parents sent up a lot of their gifts for the two of us with Tom & Marylee since they drove so I had a ton of presents to put under the tree.

Dad & Mom got me the DMC floss chart book with REAL floss - mostly because I helped Dad find it and specifically asked for that one and NOT the printed one.  With that I got a DMC coffee mug (not that I need another one but hey, it's a nice added gift that they sent) and a set of 4 small Christmas themed patterns. I also got a nice new sweater from them. Which is good cause I needed a new one. ^_^
Thomas got me the Nene Thomas 'Memory' chart from 123 and my Panko Needle Organizer. That will make all the blended floss with R&J easier! ;)

Lindsey got me 2 new books from the Piers Anthony 'Incarnations of Immortality' series. I now have book 1, 3 & 4.  I'm going to probably pick up the rest as I find them.  I loved Piers's Xanth series in HS and MS and a friend introduced me to the Immortality series in collage since he had them all. I find I liked those more than the Xanth ones.

Jason & Sarah got me the book 'Wicked: The Grimmerie A Behind -The-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical' it's fun. Got a lot of interesting info. I was afraid I had already gotten it sine I have a Wicked book but it's a 'pop-up' type with fun little added things (like the letters each of the main characters wrote to their parents) and is just the musical in story format.

Joe's gift didn't come in in time for him to send it up with Tom & Marylee so he's going to send it up separately. 

Also got a nice $20 gift card to Hobby Lobby from James & Nicki as a 'thank-you' for letting them borrow my car all week. 

The front!

We also went to The Broadmore Hotel here in Colorado Springs, and it was all decorated. They even had a huge gingerbread house that the kitchen staff did.  Very pretty! They had a time-lapse video playing and they built it on a wooden frame it looked like.

Onto the rest of the pictures!

DMC Mug - part 2 of my gift

Floss Book - part 1 of my gift from the parents!

First 2 pages (and part of the 3rd)

Page 3 & 4

Pg 5

Back of pg 6. Pg 6 was a chart list of all the DMC colors

Mini Charts with the DMC floss book as a 'thank-you'

Pretty blue sweater! ^_^

Going to enjoy reading this!

Book 3 is the blue one, book 4 is the red one. HIGHLY recommend this series!


Yay!!! Nene Thomas!

R&J here I come! ;)
I can't wait to kit up 'Memory' and figure out what fabric I'm going to use for it.  She'll be very pretty once done I'm sure.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of stitchy goodness! :)


  1. Merry Christmas, glad you're getting moved in alright, and so much stitching gifts, have fun with it all.

    1. To you as well and I shall! ^_^ I'm going to have to go through all my threads and see which ones I have for Memory. I think either she or one of the SW ones will be my next project after R&J.

  2. What a wonderful treasure trove of lovely goodness! I'm so incredibly glad that your Christmas went so wonderfully well and most of your unpacking is done :D Merry Christmas and welcome to your new home <3

    1. Thanks. I'm going to do a video tour once everything is cleaned up and put away

  3. Merry Christmas, Krystal (I should start thinking while tyoing, I was just about to wish you a 'Merry Krystmas' instead), I'm glad you got moved in and more-or-less settled before the holidays. Pretty gifts you got there, the Nene Thomas pattern is just beautiful :)

    1. Bwahaha 'Merry Krystmas' :) I'm glad I got settled in more too. Got my bookshelf more or less set up and the movies although we are still missing some. I think they are in some of the boxes we haven't gotten to yet.

  4. Do you mind sharing where you found the DMC card with the real floss? I've been wanting one myself. :)

    1. Of course not!! It's from DMC's own website but it's not always easy to find. - link to where you start, then on the left, under products, click 'Color Cards'. It's $24.99 make sure you select the 'Floss Color Card' which is the 2nd option, as there is also a 'Tapestry Wool' one for the same price listed first. And remember the $9.99 one is for a printed version. Not as good imo.

      If for some reason the link doesn't work just go to the DMC website. At the very top you'll see 'Find a Store', 'Shop DMC', 'News' and 'Contact'. Click 'Shop DMC' and it will take you right to the store where you can then purchase your floss card.

      I'm not sure if it has the newest colors since I haven't really looked. But I'm glad I finally have one and I think it will make color changes a lot easier, if I ever decide to do that.


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