SFS - Sept '15

Budget: $28.62
Spent: $12.53
Earned: $0
Carry Over: $16.09

 So, I got another stocking for my newest niece.  Dimensions Cross Stitch: Stack of Critters

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Stack Of Critters
Pretty cute huh? ^_^ Goal is to have this done by Thanksgiving so I can give it to Nicki and James for baby Emily who was born on the 16th.  That's supposed to get in sometime this week (I think Tuesday) so I'll start that as soon as it gets in.

So, what did I work on?

Finished the weather tags for calendar and started on the part on the fabric.

 I also got a wonderful gift from Leonore - TW fruit bell pull kit. ^_^ This will go in my 'To Do' pile and whenever I finish it I'll find a nice place for it.....somewhere.

I can't wait to finish stitching up 'calendar' so I can get it all put together. It's stitching up pretty quickly so after I do all the letters, all I'll have to do is go back and backstitch them. I was going to backstitch as I went but I wanted to see how it looked first in case I need to move things over.

Until next time everyone,

Happy stitching! ^_^


  1. I love that stocking, it's so cute. I have to start searching for baby patterns again, just found out two or my nephews have pregnant wives.

  2. I love the stocking, I hope it's going to give you less deadline grief than the last one :D The calendar should be done soon, and I'm curious which of your great projects you're going to work on after those too ^-^

    1. oh i know it won't. I have NO idea how I'm going to sew it up since I'm not confident enough in my abilities (or lack there of) to do it on my own - but I don't have my wonderful neighbor, so I'm going to have to figure it out.

      If I wasn't worried about it being lost I'd send it to Carla and have her finish it up for me after I stitch it all lol.


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