Well once again I spent $0.  Really the whole 'I'm having to move thing' makes me not buying stuff a lot easier. ;) That being said, I'm now moved in and now just unpacking boxes.

I will post a picture of my progress later this weekend.

This month has just been crazy with the move and all.  So I'm STILL not finished with Emma's announcement. -__- I think I'm going to have to get a start on the Christmas stocking soon though at this rate or that won't be finished on time either.

I do have the border finished (finally) so I can work on the rest of the inside now.  I'm down to the end and I think that's part of the problem, I want to move on and do other things and I really really want to start R&J but I can't until I get Emma's projects done first! I promised myself I wouldn't touch R&J till then so I have to stick with it.  Otherwise Emma is never going to get stocking or announcement. ;)

R&J is going to be a HUGE project! One I'm looking forward to starting, and one that I'm going to get framed and keep. :) It's probably my 2nd huge project, and the biggest one I've done so far, so this will be interesting. I will probably have to do a few smaller projects during it just so I don't go insane and take oh.....4 or 5 years to finish this one like I did with Thomas's gift. I'd like to get that one professionally framed and stretched out since I didn't do a great job with it. One of these days I'll get to it. 

I also haven't found a craft store up in Lawton outside of Hobby Lobby and JoAnns so I think my stash buying is going to be cut back a lot since my only other option is online.  Not that that's a problem but it does help cut it down for me when I don't have a store to drive to and go 'ooohhhh' when I'm surrounded by patterns, fabric, thread, ect. I have an easier time just adding things to 'wishlists' online and refraining from buying them then I do when I go to a store.

As for IHSW, I didn't really get much stitching done that weekend.  I had company come in and between that and getting my apartment semi cleaned up (and laundry....omg the laundry!) I just didn't feel like stitching.

Till next time, happy stitching! ^_^


  1. You have been INSANELY busy. I'm hoping things slow down now and my apologies for sending you ONE MORE BOX to unpack :D

    1. haha don't be. Your box was fun to open. It was like an early Christmas or birthday present. ^_^ Need to put the stuff in my stash drawer and finish getting my desk in the spare bedroom/computer room set up

  2. Congrats on finishing your move, can't wait to see your progress once you start having more time fpr stitching again :)


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