End of July update

Well it's the first of the next month and that means update of last month. ^_^

This past month has been busy but fun.  Joe and his cat, Star, came for a visit, we went to the Field Artillery museum on post, and I had to frog my Santa part of the pattern twice -__-

Thomas and I had our 3rd anniversary on the 30th.  Wasn't all that elaborate because he had to go on a field trip to a battle site 4 hrs away and wasn't sure when he was going to be home. It was nice to just relax at home though and we're going to Six Flags in Dallas this weekend to hang with some friends so that's going to be a lot of fun. ^_^

So, onto the pictures from this past weekend and my progress for the month.

FA museum: 

Trophy Banner
Trophy Banner Plaque

Mule Gun
Mule Gun Plaque

Thomas telling Joe about some FA equipment

9-11 Twin Tower part

Berlin Wall Part

Joe's visit and stitching progress:

Star deciding I didn't need to work on my laptop

Star meets Jewel

Roxy and Star on the couch with their Dad's

Roxy did NOT like Star....well actually she was scared of her.  Anytime Star came close Roxy would either growl, move away, or jump up on the couch/lap of Thomas, Joe, or myself.

Star didn't really care about Roxy but was fascinated by Jewel.  She would sit on the kitchen table and just watch the cage when she wasn't demanding attention from one of the three humans in the apartment.

Jewel didn't really care about Star.  She'd just puff up and watch her.  I think she's used to Kirby watching her all the time so it didn't seem any different to her.

Progress on Santa.  I had to frog the blue around the face and beard because I didn't read the symbol chart well enough.  I was supposed to only use 1 strand instead of 2.

The second time I had to frog the pattern was when it came to the right glove. It was late and I started the dark grey color to far over and the glove was off. Lesson learned, when starting to get tired DON'T keep stitching unless I want to spend more time frogging.

Oh yeah, my needle bent when I frogged all the light blue. I think I need to invest in better needles though since these are tarnishing faster than I would like. But then again I've had these for a while so I guess I shouldn't be too upset by it and that's probably why they are bending.

Well, Santa is coming along nicely and I hope to have him finished by the end of the month.

Until next time, happy stitching! ^_^


  1. Star is a gorgeous critter, the museum looks fascinating, and happy anniversary (slightly late).
    Santa is very cute, even if he was being ornery to you.

    1. She is very pretty and very affectionate. Demands a lot of attention.

      Thanks and yes he is being ornery. I think he's upset that I've taken so long to get on him.

  2. Did you say hello to the curator of the museum? I think I told you I know him and his wife.

    I have actually just the tool you need for future ripping and will include that in with the Krenieck thread...spelled wrong but you know what I mean...dang it, that will also include payment for the shopping you did as well!

    You look like you are about halfway done now with Santa, right? Maybe more than half. It's a cute project!

    1. Probably about halfway done. And I didn't see the curator or really anyone but the soldier at the desk we checked in and some other families there.

      Sounds good ^_^

  3. AND....I absolutely love the museum shots with description! Thank you very much for sharing those....I LOVE HISTORY!!

    1. You're very welcome. ^_^ I did that also I could remember what the pictures were. The few times I haven't done that I've gone back and been like 'uh....what was that again?' so I've learned to take pictures of the description next to the item.

  4. You *have* been busy!

    I too hate it when I have to frog stitch things I'd done the night before when tired glad you managed to get it fixed though :)

    My cockatiel never got used to my cat but they "enjoyed" tormenting each other.

    1. Jewel is used to Kirby, my Mom's dog, watching her and I think she feels pretty safe being in her cage.

  5. I think I missed out on commenting on your last entry, so let me just include some additonal ooohs and aaaahs for all of your lovely progress and shiny beads and everything else!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun with your friend visiting, the museum looks really fascinating, I will have to read all of the descriptions later. Although I'm always feeling a bit uneasy seeing swastikas, probably a German thing because we have such strict laws here about never ever using 3rd Reich symbols for anything at all ^^"

    1. Yeah I would think that would be uneasy and I'm not surprised Germany has such laws.

      And thank you for the ooohs and aaahs ^_^


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