Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aug IHSW, WIPocalypse and SFS

So.....I've been really bad about actually doing updates. >.> So you get this month's update all in one giant post. So be warned, it's long and there are pictures everywhere!

First off let me start by saying I didn't get much stitching done this month.

Aug 5th was my birthday and I got a 3DS XL and Pokemon X from my husband so.....that pretty much ate up my entire stitching time because....well....pokemon!!!! I honestly haven't really played a pokemon game since Pokemon Red or Blue (whichever one it is that my little brother had) and I briefly picked up his pokemon Gold game but they were never MY games so I couldn't have my own file on it (stupid only 1 save file for pokemon!)  and I never actually beat the games.  This one is mine....ALL MINE!!! *insert evil laugh here*

Ahhhemm....anywhos, thank you hunny for my wonderful pokemon game and DS system. Since I know you read my blog ;) Tomas got the same 3DS XL system but he got Pokemon Y so we can trade pokemon and catch more of the ones that are game exclusive to trade in hopes of catching them all! ^_^ Which would be the first time I've ever actually filled a pokedex
System is actually blue but I got a metallic purple case for it
I went home the following weekend (8th-11th) and even brought my stitching along, mostly so I could show Mom my progress and faintly thinking I might actually work on it some.....which I didn't. Why, because baby!!!!! Mom and I babysat Miss Emma Friday and Saturday since both her parents were working late Friday and all day Sat. ^_^ It was fun and I enjoy getting to spend time with my niece. Even if she was fussy.

On Sat, Mom and I loaded Miss Emma into the car and took her with us when we went to Goodwill. Mom wanted to look for a colorful mobile that could spin on its own and she had seen one there on previous trips. We went to the bigger, nicer, one which was further away. I went because I wanted to see if there was any chance of finding some cross-stitching stuff. After a bit of a trial with getting the stroller to unfold, it took 5 adults all trying different things before we finally figured it out, we got Emma's car seat clicked in and went off on our hunt. It was nice not having to take Emma out of the car-seat to put her in the stroller, that child HATES being put in it and she was sleeping so neither of us really wanted to wake her up, or carry her the entire time, which is why we even took the stroller.

Mom was not successful in finding a mobile but she did get a bunch of cute socks for her classroom so the kids could work on sorting and she got a set of baby silverware and the matching 2 sippy cups for Miss Emma when she gets older that her parents can keep in a baggy in the car/bag in case they forget their own set at home and were out and about. One of the sippy cups Mom kept at the house so she could have one.
Complete stash

I was successful in that I found an almost complete needlework project with extra yarn and needle but no pattern, a few mismatched knitting needles, and some DMC floss that is of a thicker weight than what you would use for cross-stitching (perler cotton) all in a bag for about $3!! Which was all I spent of my SFS budget this month. I did notice that some of the white thread and peach thread is discolored when I was sorting it for the photo, so I'll have to remove that part before I used it.


The needlework project I'll finish and turn into a pillow or something for the spare bedroom, eventually. All that I need to do for that is 1) pick out the initials of the previous owner, 2) figure out how she worked her stitches in the first place and finish it, 3) find/buy fabric & stuffing for it, and 4) figure out HOW to make it into a pillow then get my neighbor at home in KW to help me sew it together if needed, since I don't know if it's something I can hand stitch.
Close up of back
The only time I made a pillow was in my High School Home Economics 2 class (the first class was cooking/baking centered which I took the first semester, the 2nd class was craft/sewing related) and we had to hand sew the entire thing and well, it's not exactly the best. >.> I'll take a pic and post it when I get home this weekend so you all can see it.

Carla got to see my find, and meet Miss Emma and Mom since she was holding her, when I got back since she was online at the time. Dad was a little confused as to what was go on since I don't normally get on Hangout with people when I'm home and downstairs. But I know Carla enjoyed getting to see the find and the baby. :) Because baby!! I really do love that little girl even when she's being fussy because at that point I can hand her off to her Mom/Dad if they're around.  Sometimes my Mom will take her from me and she can usually get her to calm down better than I can. Probably because of all that practice raising four kids magic Grandma powers!

Sunday was the triplet late birthday dinner since all three of us couldn't be together on the 5th. We had dinner, exchanged presents, and had birthday cookie cake which I made/baked and Mom decorated. Mint M&Ms!!! Yum!

Prizes Presents
I got wonderful things from my siblings. Joe got me a $25 Visa gift card, Lindsey got me a Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Beast puzzle *squee!* and Jason got me 2 books that I picked out totally didn't know I was getting. Parental units got me a Taste of Home Cookbook (binder type) full of fun recipes for me to try with tabbed sections and everything and a mini book with contest winners. I love it. From Thomas and myself, Jason got a $50 amazon gift card and Lindsey got Once Upon A Time Season 2 on DVD, which I'm going to have to steal borrow since I didn't watch all of it.

Got home Monday and after unpacking some I got to work clearing off the kitchen table so I could work on the puzzle. Did I mention yet that I love puzzles?  Well I do.  I learned how to do puzzles from my paternal Grandma and Dad and it was always one of the few things I could get my Dad to do with me. Well...that and play backgammon and checkers. But puzzles are just....I love them okay? ^_^ Took me about 4 days to complete, with some stitching & pokemon breaks. Thomas helped me finish up the last section and I left it alone for a day to enjoy before taking it apart and putting it back in the box for another day.
Completed puzzle

Missed IHSW since I was busy that weekend and had people over, but I did get on hangout with the ladies the next weekend. ^_^ That was fun and I actually got stitching done.

I'm starting to get burned out on the stocking again, probably because my progress has been so slow and also because I got out my R&J kitted project so I could figure out what colored threads & how many of each so I could mark them down in my phone app. I don't like having to restrain myself to only one project at a time.  Usually when I get frustrated with a project or my attention starts to wander I can just set it down and pick up something else then pick it up again later.  With this one I have to have it stitched up by Thanksgiving so I can get it sewn together and ready to hang on the mantle come Christmas. It's very frustrating but it will probably be better once I get Santa and his bike finished and move on to another section.

8/26 progress
Okay so the question for this month's WIPocalypse is: tell us about your oldest and newest WIPs. Well, my newest is the stocking so check.  The oldest.......hmmm......I have a couple that I started around the same time and have just put off in favor of other projects. 1) a Little Mermaid picture I started for Lindsey (thankfully she doesn't know about it so isn't expecting it anytime soon), 2) a 'Welcome' fruit wreath needlepoint that stays in the hoop and gets hung up - this one is almost done I just need to put in a few finishing stitches and find the thread for it and 3) a West Highland Terrier printed picture with needlepoint embellishments that I started for my Mom and never completed, again not one she knows about or is expecting any time soon. 

I might pick those back up for some quick finishes while I work on R&J because I know with as big as that project is I'm going to get frustrated and want to move on to something else.

Well, till next month, happy stitching everyone!

Friday, August 1, 2014

End of July update

Well it's the first of the next month and that means update of last month. ^_^

This past month has been busy but fun.  Joe and his cat, Star, came for a visit, we went to the Field Artillery museum on post, and I had to frog my Santa part of the pattern twice -__-

Thomas and I had our 3rd anniversary on the 30th.  Wasn't all that elaborate because he had to go on a field trip to a battle site 4 hrs away and wasn't sure when he was going to be home. It was nice to just relax at home though and we're going to Six Flags in Dallas this weekend to hang with some friends so that's going to be a lot of fun. ^_^

So, onto the pictures from this past weekend and my progress for the month.

FA museum: 

Trophy Banner
Trophy Banner Plaque

Mule Gun
Mule Gun Plaque

Thomas telling Joe about some FA equipment

9-11 Twin Tower part

Berlin Wall Part

Joe's visit and stitching progress:

Star deciding I didn't need to work on my laptop

Star meets Jewel

Roxy and Star on the couch with their Dad's

Roxy did NOT like Star....well actually she was scared of her.  Anytime Star came close Roxy would either growl, move away, or jump up on the couch/lap of Thomas, Joe, or myself.

Star didn't really care about Roxy but was fascinated by Jewel.  She would sit on the kitchen table and just watch the cage when she wasn't demanding attention from one of the three humans in the apartment.

Jewel didn't really care about Star.  She'd just puff up and watch her.  I think she's used to Kirby watching her all the time so it didn't seem any different to her.

Progress on Santa.  I had to frog the blue around the face and beard because I didn't read the symbol chart well enough.  I was supposed to only use 1 strand instead of 2.

The second time I had to frog the pattern was when it came to the right glove. It was late and I started the dark grey color to far over and the glove was off. Lesson learned, when starting to get tired DON'T keep stitching unless I want to spend more time frogging.

Oh yeah, my needle bent when I frogged all the light blue. I think I need to invest in better needles though since these are tarnishing faster than I would like. But then again I've had these for a while so I guess I shouldn't be too upset by it and that's probably why they are bending.

Well, Santa is coming along nicely and I hope to have him finished by the end of the month.

Until next time, happy stitching! ^_^