Saturday, August 29, 2015

SFS - Aug 2015

Budget: $25.00
Spent: $21.38
Earned: $0
Carry Over: $3.62

So......I managed to stick to my budget this month. JoAnn's had a 3 for $.99 sale on DMC floss a few weeks ago, and I needed to pick up some colors for one of my next projects so I took advantage of the sale. I also picked up a magazine and I had a 20% off coupon as well.

$9.24 for 28 skeins
$14.00 for the magazine

 Floss on the left is what I bought. Right pile is what I already had in my stash. Still need to bobinate them which is why there is a pack of plastic bobbins. So I now have all the floss colors I need for "Project Princess" and I just need to get the beads. Those will probably be purchased next month though.

There are a several  Joan Elliot designs in this and I LOVE JE! There are a lot of other cute designs too so I just had to pick this one up. 

Already have a few plans for some of these, I just have to make room in my project list for them.


So....what did I work on? Well I worked on some of the weather tags for the calendar I'm making for Mom.  I also got my Mom's sewing machine last time I was home along with some cross-stitching supplies she came across from when she cross-stitched, when she was cleaning out the garage. I'll take and post pictures later next week.

Got good news at work. Friday was my last day as a temp. Starting Monday, I'm a full time employee who is now eligible to earn vacation time, sick days, holiday pay, and other benefits.  Also got a bit of a pay raise. :)

Well, it's a short post this time but there wasn't a lot going on this month.

Happy stitching everyone!