List of Patterns

I liked Carla's idea of creating a list of all the patterns she had so I thought I would do so. ^_^

I'm only going to list the ones I have in my stash that I haven't done/completed even though I keep all the patterns I have done. These aren't necessarily in the order that I want to complete them.


  • Emma's Birth Announcement -DONE
  • Emma's Christmas Stocking - DONE
  • Surprise Gift - have pattern made - just have to figure out fabric & thread colors 
  • NCCIH Logo - DONE


  • Ink Circles: Namaste - might be one I do more than once
  • Ink Circles: Circles 

  • Ancient Egyptian Cross Stitch - Barbara Hammet
  • Bookmarks Galore - Leisure Arts Leaflet 2985
  • In Celebration of Forty Years by Wichelt - where my Jim Shore 'Welcome' came from.  Full of other patterns that use Mill Hill beads.  
  • Native American Cross Stitch - Joan Elliott
  • Oriental Odyssey- Joan Elliott
  • Stocking Collection - Donna Kooler's 2nd Edition 

  • Knotwork Bookmark - need to figure out what thread
  • Renaissance Bookmark - purchase remaining thread
  • Romeo & Juliet - pamphlet
  • Stretch - purchase remaining thread
  • Christmas Collection
  • Various other freebies from her website saved on the computer

  • Butterfly/Orchid - set aside for baby gifts.
  • Little Mermaid - need to find missing thread.  I've moved a lot since starting this one so I think it got lost in the move or put with other projects.
  • Magnificent Wizard - have to figure out a better way to deal w/ the black fabric so it has been set aside till I feel like dealing with it again.
  • Westie Terrier - stamped pattern which I set aside due to frustration. This is more needlework than cross-stitch though.
  • Romeo & Juliet  - started page 1 but set aside till I figure out organization of thread.
  • Tribal Pokemon - 3 out of 8 pokemon finished
  • Joan Elliott "12 Days" - Day 1 & 2 done. 



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