June ISHW and SFS

Well I figured I would just wait to do my IHSW post when it got closer towards the end of the month so I could also do my SFS post at the same time.

I spent about $3 this month on 2 different packages of beads at Hobby Lobby.

I'm still not 100% sure which of the bead types I'll use but I figured I can figure that out when I get to it. I got a packet of Mill Hill petite glass beads - 40161 and Mill Hill glass seed beads - 00479.  The blue ones are seed beads that I had already in my stash.  The petite beads are the ones I was thinking of getting simply because they are iridescent and shiny but the seed beads are the same size and the white is still shiny. When I asked Thomas, he said to go with the seed beads but I figured I'd ask my gals too.  So what do you think?  Petite or seed?

 Not the best pictures since it was hard for me to get a good picture and show the difference between the two.

I think I might go with the seed beads just because they would match the size of the ones I already have been using. I just wish they had the same clear iridescent look as the petite beads. Oh well, I know I can always find use for the beads later. :)

Now, for the pics of my progress. ^_^




 Santa is coming along nicely and I've got about 6,918 stitches done over 23 days of work.

Now that I'm not working on the same section it seems like I'm moving along faster.

Been taking a few days off stitching to play Diablo III with hubby and Dean.  It's been a while since the three of us played together and it's been fun.  I'll probably play some more when Joseph comes up this weekend which is nice since 1) he's finally getting his vacation that has CONSTANTLY been moved back due to various work issue and 2) I haven't really gotten to see him since we moved. He'll be here from Sat to Tues afternoon so I'm super excited to have him come up.

Well, here's to getting more done before he gets here so I can feel good about leaving the project off to the side for a bit longer each day.

So till next time, happy stitching everyone!


  1. I love the sheen of the petite beads, but the seed would be the more logical to use, maybe try one of each and see which looks better on the actual project.
    That stocking is looking so good.

    1. Yeah that's what I think I'll do. I was wanting the sheen of the petite beads originally but I don't like how small they are. They're to replace the french knot 'snow' at the bottom of the stocking so we'll see how it looks when I get to it. I'll probably end up using one of each and post a pic for help trying to decide. ^_^

  2. I dug around my bead stash and have nothing that would "match" what you are using :( However, I was VERY excited to sit here and oooo and aahhh over the pictures! I hope your visit with Joseph will be as awesome as my visit with my son was :D

    1. That's fine. I think one of the two kinds I got should work. ^_^

      And the visit was a blast as you already know.


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