End of January Update

So.....it's technically Feb 1st since it's 2:53am here but close enough.

Anywhos, I got a lot done this month on Emma's birth announcement, but not as much as I would have liked.  I was hoping to have at least the engine done.  I took 4 days off since I started this project on the 14th, either because I wasn't motivated to work on it or because I was playing computer games with my hubby.

All in all I got 2108 stitches done this month which isn't bad for 14 days of work. Not surprisingly the most stitches I did was on IHSW (Sat to be exact) with 392 stitches.

We will see how much I get done in Feb!  My goal - to have the engine & railroad under it done, and the 1st cart started. I'm also hoping to start at least one of my TW patterns, I just need to get more floss.


Below: full view of what has been finished.

Right:  close up view of engine in progress.

So I almost have to have the TV or a movie going while I stitch.  Otherwise it is just too quiet in my house, even if my hubby is home playing computer games.  And I don't think I'm the only one. ;)

So what did I watch while I stitched? A lot!! :D 

  • A TON of NCIS - I love Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Abby (Pauley Perrette) but the whole cast is great!  And this is one of the shows I watch with my family when I'm home.
  • Law & Order: SVU - the only L&O I like (probably because of Mariska Hargitay) 
  • Castle - Nathan Fillion (whom I have loved since Firefly) is the whole reason I started watching it years ago but I have since fallen in love with Stana Katic too! And the little nods to Firefly now and again are just a treat.
  •  Bones - David Boreanaz (who I had a crush on when I watched Angel & Buffy) and Emily Deschanel are amazing to watch together.  The rest of the cast is amazing too!
  • Say Yes to the Dress - a guilty pleasure, I must admit.  My Mom will watch this one with me if I'm home working on a project and it comes on.  Sooo many pretty dresses!
  • Project Runway Under the Gunn - another guilty pleasure.  I LOVE Tim Gunn from Project Runway so I'm curious as to how his spin on this show is going to turn out.  Looks good so far. :)
  • America's Next Top Model - random reruns and another guilty pleasure but not one I seek out to watch.  I watch it when there is nothing else on.
  • Food Network - Alton Brown & Rachel Ray are my favorites but I'll watch pretty much whatever.  Yay for recipe ideas! ^_^
  • Hellsing vol  1-4 - technically this is an Anime.  Alucard (Crispin Freeman -English voice actor) is my favorite character.  Gotta love a bat-shit crazy vampire killing other vampires/ghouls. Only re-watched the first episode so far though.
  •  Poppy Hill - Studio Ghibli Movie (another Anime).  I got the 2013 Movie Collection for Christmas this year and I am slowly watching all the movies that I haven't seen before re-watching the ones I have seen.
  • Dark Knight - it was on TV and I love this Batman series.
  • Van Hellsing - another TV movie.  What can I say, I love vampire movies. ^_^
Till next time!  Happy stitching everyone! 


  1. Van Helsing! I still really love your project, how big is it finished?

    1. Ummmm......*grabs package* 12x9 in. Not sure how many stitches total though since there is a lot of white.

  2. It's fun to keep track of what you watch isn't it. I too love Say Yes to the Dress and used to watch ANTM all the time, should get back to it.. That baby project looks so cute.

    1. It is although most of the time I'm only paying half attention to it if it's a rerun. :)

      And thanks!

  3. Nice progress on your birth announcement, this engine looks really cute so far...

    And a big yay for NCIS and Bones! I love these shows, we just finished season 8 of NCIS yesterday and are now waiting for the newer ones to drop in price ^_^

    1. I don't own any of the season on DVD for NCIS. One of these days I'll get them. I do own the first 4 seasons of Bones though but I've watched those a lot. I've probably seen all of the ones out on DVD just not necessarily in order. ;)

  4. I also only see SVU Mariska Hargitay because of. Mariska is synonymous with beauty and talent.

  5. Yes Gibbs and Abby are awesome - as is Tim Gunn :D

    I have to admit that I'm falling out of love with Bones - it's all to lovey dovey now and missing the tension from before the were a couple, I'm having the same issue with castle :(


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