Feb - SFS

Well it's almost the 28th and it's time for my SFS update.

Budget:                                 $ 25
Thread/bobbins/labels:           $16
Total:                                    $9.00
Carry over from last month:   $ 6.96
Carry over total:                   $15.96

Not bad huh? ^_^ I'm trying to stay at or under budget each month so if I have to buy something over budget I have a cushion.

The thread was for a TW project that I am going to start once I'm done with Emma's announcement.  I had a few paper bobbins left but the plastic ones are going to last longer so I'm slowly replacing them as needed.

Now on to the pictures! 

 Left:  Picture of progress so far.
Bellow:  Close up of roof

So far I have about 6,438 stitches, but this might be off since I didn't always keep track when I was tired.  The back-stitch for the 2nd cart took only one day which was nice since the back-stitch for the first cart (including the smoke) took 2 days.

Moving along slightly faster than I felt I was.  So, I changed some of the top part of the cart.  The dark blue/light blue pattern was changed at the top as I didn't like how it only had 1 light blue in the middle and the heart I added the bottom 2 red stitches, although now I'm thinking I should have kept it as purple.  It's hard to see that it's supposed to be a heart. -__-  What do you guys think??

Till next time!  Happy stitching everyone! :)


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