Sunday, June 29, 2014

June SFS

Well, I'm a little late in doing this (as always it seems) mostly because even though I read other SFS blogs I never seem to remember to do mine. -__-

I actually spent some this month, $19.49 to be exact so I have $5.51 left to carry over for this month.  I went to Hobby Lobby here in Lawton for the first time, just to check it out and see what there was to be had since I had a 40% off coupon.  Got a nice kit and leaflet for cross-stitch.  I also picked up a darning needle and a leaflet book of crochet afghan patterns since I'm teaching myself how to crochet and eventually I'd like to make an afghan.

The 'Twelve Days of Christmas' kit is going to be fun with metallic threads and beads. ^_^ And the 'Biker Santa' leaflet I just couldn't pass up since it was on clearance and was just too cute! Don't think I'll start either of those soon though since 'Twelve Days' is another big project and 'Biker' I haven't really looked  through my stash yet to see what threads/fabric I would need.

I finished Emma's birth record and have made a good dent in the stocking for her. Slowly working on that and it seems to be going a bit faster but that might be because it's something new and I'm not bored with it yet.

 Just needs to be washed, ironed, and framed.  Which I need to do this week since I'm going to be giving it to them on the 4th.  Wow where did June go?!  I can't believe it's already the end of June and July is just around the corner.

After the stocking I'm not sure what I'll start.  I want to start R&J but after 2 big projects, and R&J being an even BIGGER project, I might just start a couple of small ones so I have some quick finishes.  Maybe make an ornament or two for Christmas gifts.  Not sure yet. We'll see what I have in stash as far as fabric and thread.  Most of my fabric is already designated for different projects though but we'll see. I know I have some that Carla sent me that I haven't decided what to do with yet.

It's been kind of fun to work on something different but just as bright and colorful as the birth record.  I've been doing the blue half-stitch outlines first then going in and filling in the object.  Kind of like I'm just coloring in a picture. :) I also decided to add beads instead of doing french knots.  I had the blue from my Jim Shore project. I'll have to see if I can find the white/crystal Mill Hill beads I want for the 'snow' part at the bottom of the stocking at Hobby Lobby.  If not I'm going to have to order them online which I'd rather not do since I'd like to see them in person to make sure they're what I want rather than going off of a picture online. I'm also back stitching as I go on this project as well.  It seems to make the project go faster and I like seeing the 'end result' as I go. Probably should have waited to add the beads till the end but I just couldn't wait to see what they would look like and if they didn't work out I wanted to know that right away so I could do the knots instead.

In other news, Thomas and I are pet sitting for a friend this weekend.  A black lab named Duke.  He's pretty much attached himself to me which seems to be fine with Roxy. Now when Thomas is around Duke.....Roxy isn't too happy with that and she'll growl at him.  She's gotten a bit better about him so hopefully if/when we do this again she won't be as upset right away.


He's a sweet dog though so I wouldn't mind watching him again.

Well, until next time...happy stitching everyone! ^_^

Monday, June 23, 2014

June IHSW Update

Well IHSW was this past weekend and or once I got to work on something other then Emma's birth record.  Mostly because it's finally finished! ^_^ Miss Emma was born on the 19th at 8:52pm the same day that my teal thread came in from Dimensions so that I could finish the hills. I got that finished, made another copy of the pattern where the text goes so I could figure out the personalization, and waited for the news. 

I'll post pictures of it once it's washed and ironed.

Now, as for what I was working on, I promised Sarah I would make Miss Emma a Christmas Stocking as well.  Sarah picked out the pattern from the list of ones I had saved on, much like she did with the birth record.  She picked out Santa's Sidecar and it's been sitting in my stash waiting for the time I finished the birth record before I started it.

I finally opened it up on the 19th, figured out where I was going to start it, and got the personalization on the pattern done. Only did 476 stitches the first day.  And while that is a lot of stitching, all of it so far has been half-stitches so it's gone a lot faster and I can do more a day.  I decided to start with the dark red color since it makes up the majority of the top band.  These half stitches require 5 threads though, which is different.  I think the reason they are doing this is because I will eventually use red yarn, provided in kit, as the hanger and I think it will give it a nice dimension. We'll see.

I'll have to go to my neighbor, Peggy, and have her help me sew it up once I finish the stitching.  She helped me with the wall hanging I made for my little brother last year and I know she'll be thrilled to help me with the stocking for my niece. I don't have a sewing machine, and while my Mom does have one she hasn't used it in so long she doesn't really remember how to use it, nor was she a fan of sewing to begin with. Peggy however, loves to sew and I know will have no problem helping me out.  Especially because this time there are instructions with it and we don't have to figure out what to do on the fly. :)

So on to progress pictures!

What the completed cross-stitch will look like :)



780 stitches in total (304 for done by the end of that day) and what I was going into the weekend with.

Another 503 stitches added by the end of the day for a total of 1283 in 3 days so far.

By the end of Sunday I did another 390 stitches to finish up the dark red. Total stitches so far 1673 over 4 days.

Till next time, happy stitching everyone! ^_^

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jun WIPocalypse

So I completely just skipped last month.  I honestly just forgot since I was moving and all.  Sorry ladies but I'm going to go ahead and answer last months question and this months! ^_^

May: What designs or themes do you really wish you could find?  What do you think is missing among stitching designs?

Okay well....I honestly LOVE gryphons. But I'm pretty picky when it comes to how they look.  I know I can find tribal ones and the heraldic types ones but those aren't what I like.  I'm talking full on color 'realistic' looking creatures. ie:
Love Mercedes Lackey and 'The Mage Wars' was the first book series by her that I ever read. :)

Now, as you can imagine, not the easiest to find in the cross-stitching world since it's not a 'popular' mythical creature (ie: not a dragon, unicorn or fairy)  One of these days I might just go ahead and find a picture I like enough to make a pattern of it (or get someone else to since I'm not the best with pattern manipulation stuff like that)

That being said, I am constantly in awe by the shear number of different types of patterns/themes out there! Love that we can find pretty much anything out there now thanks to the interwebs.

 June: Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or a festival? If so, tell us about it!

No.  I would like to and perhaps one of these days I will do so. :)

So for my updated list of WIPs/'To-Do' list:

1) Finish Emma's birth record. - she's due any day now but I won't see her till July 4th so I still have time!
2) Emma's Christmas Stocking - not started. Will start once I'm done with the birth record thing
3) R&J - got the fabric, at least 1 of ever thread color needed and grid line thread but won't be started till Emma's gifts are done!
4) Various (small) TW projects - will work on during R&J when I need a break
5) Orchid & hummingbird - set aside for Emma's and has been moved to the UFO project pile since I really want to start on R&J now.  I will get back to it eventually.

Picture of Emma's BR so far as of 3:00pm on June 14th:

Friday, June 13, 2014

End of May update.

Yes I know that May ended 13 days ago.  I just haven't sat down and actually written the post.

As far as decorating the apartment, we have the all of our pictures and other such decor up in the living room/entrance way/dinning room.  The curtains are up in the living room but the master bedroom and guest room/computer room still need to have curtains and decor put up on the wall.

For that we have to go through our posters and figure out which ones we are going to buy frames for and put up.

As far as Miss Emma's arrival, it is now a waiting game. The doctor won't let her go past the 19th so we will see what happens.

Now for pictures! ^_^

Update as of 5/31

Update as of 6/12
Ran out of the teal color that goes between the lighter blue/green for the hills.  Got to say, Dimensions is great about getting back to you.  I got an e-mail response a few hours after I placed my order saying it was processed and I should be receiving it in 7-10 business days.

Since I won't be going home to even see Miss Emma till the 4th of July (Thomas's first actual break from his classes) I have time to finish before I see them.  Then once the finishing touches are done it's just a matter of finding a frame I like.

Till next time!

Happy stitching. :)